From Volume 37, Issue 39 of EIR Online, Published Oct. 8, 2010

United States News Digest

Calls To Repeal Obamacare and Impeach Obama

Oct. 3 (EIRNS)—Today's edition of the Orange County Register (Santa Ana, Calif.) published an editorial that concluded: "We don't need another six months of Obamacare. Congress' first order of business should be to repeal it." After blasting the Obama lies that the new health reforms would curb insurance company rate gouging, the editorial noted that even the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are admitting that the bill will actually add hundreds of billions of dollars in debt. The editorial also slammed the Obama lies about protecting existing coverage and doctors for people already insured. The Health and Human Services Department now admits that 67% of individual policies and 80% of small business policies will be forced to change.

The same day, Florida Today published a letter to the editor demanding Obama's impeachment for the shutdown of NASA. The author of the letter, John Gaynor, noted that 1,000 NASA workers had just been laid off, with 3,000 more about to be dumped. Brevard County, he warned, "will become a ghost town," concluding: "I know you cannot impeach a president for stupidity. If we could, Obama would be on his way back to Chicago. As far as I'm concerned, I would impeach Obama for being a traitor. During his campaign for the presidency, Obama said we need change. Is sending our country down the tubes his idea of change?"

These are typical of hundreds of such editorials and letters, appearing all over the country, at increasing frequency.

Pre-FDR Welfare Policies Leave Families Scrambling Without Aid

Oct. 3 (EIRNS)—Having abandoned President Franklin Roosevelt's policy of Federal assistance for poor people, especially mothers and children, in the 1990s, the U.S. Congress has succeeded in preventing millions of families from getting emergency aid during the current breakdown crisis, as documented in the Washington Post today.

Welfare rolls only grew by 11% on average from December 2007 to March 2010, while food stamp enrollment rose 50%, and unemployment benefit claims rose more than 100%. Medicaid enrollment grew more than 13%.

While there is speculation that some of the slack is being taken up by emergency single payments (as in preventing utilities from being cut off), the reality is that almost all states have steadily tightened conditions for receiving aid, including demanding that women with young children, who might have already lost a job, meet job training requirements, and work.

The special aid from the Federal government, which provided funds for 250,000 jobs for people on Temporary Aid for Needy Families (TANF—what welfare is now called), has now expired. People are just being thrown on the scrapheap to die.

COPS Grants: Another Obama Swindle

Oct. 2 (EIRNS)—The Department of Justice announced yesterday the awarding of $298 million in Community-Oriented Policing Services (COPS) grants to 379 police and sheriff's departments across the country, for hiring and/or retaining 1,388 law enforcement officers. That's a paltry 3.6 officers per department, where many thousands have been laid off since 2008. New Jersey provides the most stark example of how useless the COPS grant program has become: Six communities received $8.34 million to help them hire or retain a grand total of 36 police officers. The problem is that three of the state's largest cities are laying off, or have already laid off, about 9 times that number, including 111 in Trenton, 165 in Newark, and 40 in Atlantic City. New Jersey Police Benevolent Association President Anthony Weiners said yesterday, during a press conference with about 30 mayors, that New Jersey has 2,228 fewer police officers than it did at the beginning of 2009, a reduction of about 11%.

House Bipartisan Capitulation on NASA Funding

Sept. 30 (EIRNS)—The House of Representatives yesterday gave up fighting for its own inadequate version of the NASA authorization bill, because its passage would have conflicted with the much worse Senate bill endorsed by the White House. While the House's "compromise" bill sought only to keep NASA together and running, in the unchallenged fiscal environment of budget-cutting, the House had in July restored the canceled funding of the Constellation lunar mission. The Senate bill maintains that cancellation, and grants a larger proportion of funding to commercial rocket companies.

The House began to fold its tent earlier this week, fearful of the implications of leaving town without having provided something for NASA, since the Senate was deemed unlikely to pass the House bill. Emblematic of this preemptive surrender, was the statement of House Science and Technology Committee chairman Bart Gordon (D-Tenn.)—heretofore, a leading supporter of the House bill—who explained the coming vote for the Senate version: "For the sake of providing certainty, stability, and clarity to the NASA workforce and larger space community, I felt it was better to consider a flawed [Senate] bill than no bill at all." Rather than continue the fight for the better bill, which would require wrangling with the Senate and more votes on the succeeding versions, a bipartisan House grouping voted 304 to 118 to suspend the rules, and simply vote up the Senate version.

Prominent among those in the House who voted to suspend the House rules was Rep. Pete Olson (R-Texas), who is opposed in the general election by LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers. Olson, who has attempted to portray himself as pro-NASA in his Houston district, thus voted for the cancellation of the Constellation program.

Obama: Blind, Evil, or Both?

Sept. 29 (EIRNS)—In January of 1937, almost four years after President Franklin D. Roosevelt had taken office, and significantly after he had changed the direction of the United States by securing the enactment of the TVA, the CCC, the Glass-Steagall Act, and much more, Roosevelt was honest enough to tell the American people in his second inaugural address, that, to fulfill the promises of the American Constitution, they had to face a massive challenge.

"I see one-third of a nation ill-housed, ill-clad, ill-nourished," FDR said. He pledged to "make every American citizen the subject of his country's interest and concern," in the same spirit in which Americans had adopted the Constitution 150 years before. He insisted that Americans should "use the power of government" in order to "promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to the America people."

Contrast this spirit with Barack Obama, in his remarks to students at the University of Wisconsin on Sept. 29. Rather than admit any of the realities of life for the American population—the 30% unemployment, the unprecedented rate of home foreclosures, the skyrocketing poverty—Obama lied that "we have made progress over the last 20 months." "I've only been here two years, guys," he declared. "If you look at the checklist, we've already covered about 70%...."

Is Obama too involved with his own ego to be aware of people's actual conditions of life? Or is he evil?

The answer to that question is indicated by the points which Obama made about the role of government later in the speech. Protesting against the charge that he is for "big government," Obama declared: "We don't believe that government's main role is to create jobs or prosperity."

He said it in his own words, folks. This President literally opposes the role of government laid out in the Preamble to the Constitution, not to mention the commitment of Franklin Roosevelt. No wonder his Presidency is a disaster. No wonder he has to go.

Obama's 'Empathy Deficit Disorder'

Sept. 27 (EIRNS)—After Obama's psychotic rant, when confronted by a former big supporter at a Princeton University alumni event last week, some media pundits have finally woken up to his latest manifested mental disorder: empathy deficit disorder. In just the past 72 hours, Obama's enraged response to Velma Hart was the subject of commentaries in the New York Times ("Obama, Empathy and the Midterms"), the Daily Beast ("Obama's Empathy Deficit"), and the Chicago Tribune ("Obama's Pinatas"). All three articles, and scores of others, noted Obama's disconnect from the pain that the American people are going through, as the result of his murderous policies, starting with Obamacare. The term "empathy deficit disorder," however, is misleading. What is really being described is a sociopathology that is an integral part of Obama's narcissism. He really does not care about the fate of the American people. It's all about his ego.

Kirsten Powers in the Daily Beast came closest to the truth, writing on Sept. 25: "As President, Obama has demonstrated an almost pathological incapacity to connect with Americans' fears and despair over the future. Whether it was the Gulf oil spill or a woman's heartbreaking pleading at a recent town hall meeting, Obama's much ballyhooed coolness seemed more icy than reassuring.... Nothing brought this problem into relief like the two Obama supporters who confronted the President at a recent town hall meeting expressing total despair over their economic situation and hopelessness about the future. Rather than expressing empathy, Obama seemed annoyed and proceeded with one of his unhelpful lectures."

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