From Volume 37, Issue 40 of EIR Online, Published Oct. 15, 2010
Africa News Digest

Rice Steps Up Assault on Sudan's Sovereignty

Oct. 11 (EIRNS)—U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, coleader of the UN Security Council delegation that arrived in Juba, capital of South Sudan on Oct. 6 for a five-day tour of Sudan, continued her effort to be bring about the separation of Sudan into two warring states. Rice also insulted the Sudanese by refusing to following standard security procedures. Inner City Press, which accompanied the group on its trip, reported the following behavior by the anti-Africa Rice, who, unlike the other UN representatives, was accompanied by two policy staffers and "two close protection guards."

After arriving in Juba, flanked by officials from the South Sudan government, Rice gave a speech to a group of new police recruits, pumping them up by asking them: "Are you ready to protect your Country?" Yes, they shouted back. "Are you ready for independence?" Again they shouted back, yes. According to Inner City Press, another diplomat on the trip called it a "political rally" and deemed her behavior inappropriate.

In the VIP lounge at Khartoum Airport, Rice was heard screaming at a Sudanese official about the fact that she and her entourage were being required to pass through a metal detector and to pay a $15 fee, according to Inner city Press. One of the other UN Security Council Permanent Five representatives had no problem passing through the security detector saying, "there are terrorists you know," which was interpreted as a dig to Rice. The fee was retuned to Rice after her fit, though another ambassador said he no objection to the $15 payment.

Inner City Press that the mood of the people they spoke to is one that expects "a delayed, or cancelled referendum [on secession of the South], or violence after one."

It is obvious from her past behavior towards Sudan that spans almost two decades and, her current behavior reported above, that Rice hates the nation of Sudan, and desires it dismemberment. She has become the modern-day "ugly American."

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