Volume 37, Number 7, February 19, 2010


Saving the Planet Now! A Global ‘Glass Steagall’  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“Today, without a kind of Glass-Steagall reform, which would virtually wipe out the monetarist features of both Wall Street’s and of the City of London’s systems, the chances for escaping an already oncoming, planet-wide, ‘new dark age,’ were virtually ‘zilch’!”

The ‘Banco Santander Syndrome’: City of London’s Sucker Game  

by Dennis Small

Lyndon LaRouche blew the whistle on the British game, which was intended to convince Moscow that there is a vast pool of money, centered in institutions such as the London-controlled Banco Santander, which were going to be the resource for the Russians, when the British succeeded in bringing down the United States. The story behind the story.

The Anglo-Venetians Behind Santander

by John Hoefle

On the surface, Banco Santander appears to be a regional Spanish bank whose savvy has catapulted it into an elite international operation; but when you peer beneath that facade, you find yourself in the dark heart of the Anglo-Venetian empire.

London’s Control Over Banco Santander

From EIR, “Empire Strikes Back: Spanish Banks Recolonize Ibero-America,” July 2, 2004.


The Euro System Is on the Brink of Collapse  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The European Union summit in Brussels on Feb. 10-11 did absolutely nothing to avert the looming collapse of the system. The focus on Greece is itself a deception, because the Greek debts to European banks are a relatively small problem.

Economics in Brief


Congress Has Lost Its Leading FDR Democrat

by Anita Gallagher

John P. Murtha (1932-2010).


From the Moon to Mars: The New Economics

“The human species, beginning with the American population, must be educated with the understanding that the various steps toward becoming a spacefaring species—the industrialization of the Moon, the development of fusion power, and the colonization of Mars—are not optional ones. The problems here on Earth are not local ones. The fundamental scientific breakthroughs required to address these problems, lie, along with the answer to their origins, in the stars.” The transcript of a half-hour video produced by the “Basement Team” of the LaRouche Political Action Committee. Part 2 of a series.


Impeach the British Puppet Now!