Volume 37, Number 17, April 30, 2010


The Case of Arkadi V. Dvorkovich: Free Russia from the Pirates of the Caribbean!  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Arkadi Dvorkovich, the chief advisor on economics to the President of Russia, Medvedev, is a British agent of London’s Inter-Alpha Group, which has a death grip on Russia today. Dvorkovich came to United States to intervene against LaRouche’s work with economists here. Dvorkovich represents the continuation of the British influence on Russian economic policy, going back to Marx and Engels, which today, is preventing Russia from playing a key role in the LaRouche-proposed Four-Powers alliance to rebuild the collpased global economy.

In His Own Words: Lord Bertrand Russell

Arkadi V. Dvorkovich

A profile.


Goldman Sachs Debacle Raises Overdue Questions About BRIC  

by Rachel Douglas and Dennis Small

The BRIC (Brazil-Russia-India-China), as a financial grouping, was created by officials of Goldman Sachs to counter the potential of an alliance of the four great powers—Russia, the U.S.A., China, and India—to initiate the replacement of the bankrupt British financial empire with a sovereign nation-based credit system for real economic development.

Restore Nation-States To Create New ‘Man-Made’ Water Resources

by Marcia Merry Baker

The worldwide water crisis can only be solved with the development of science and infrastructure, using nuclear power and other advanced techologies. Such proposals stand in stark contrast to solutions being offered by the cartels.

Economics in Brief


Will Netanyahu Trigger London’s World War III?  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Despite the fact that Iran does not pose an existential threat to Israel, scare stories about Iran’s imminent atomic bomb breakout are being spread by a faction in London which wants an Israeli “breakaway ally” attack on Iran. A subsequent U.S. intervention to contain the Iranian asymmetrical response throughout the Middle East could lead to world war and the post-Westphalian empire called for by Britain’s Tony Blair.

Change History: Implement the Four Powers!

by Summer Shields

The author is challenging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in the June 8 Democratic Primary election in California’s 8th Congressional District.

LPAC-TV Weekly Report

LaRouche Analyzes the Global Crisis: Monetary Value Has Nothing To Do with Real, Human Value  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche warned that talk about a supposed economic recovery is a lie. LaRouche’s solution is to emphasize the physical economy, and the fact that it is based on technological progress, “the human side of what we mean by physical economy.”


The Issue Is Glass-Steagall