Volume 37, Number 27, July 16, 2010


This Present Century: The Secret Economy’s Outlook  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche promises that this piece is to be “the first in a series of reports intended to set forth, step by step, the new principles of world economy required for overcoming the epochal disaster represented by the onrushing collapse of the present world system.” Here, he takes up the question of the nature of the individual member of mankind, and proposes that we adopt “a process of a succession of radical changes in our understanding of the true nature and destiny of our human species and the economy on which it depends, both within the universe, and, therefore, ourselves.”

This requires a rejection of the reliance on “sense-certainty,” as treated by Plato in, for example, his Parmenides, in favor of the approach, described by Leibniz, as dynamics.

The Basement Team

Krafft Ehricke’s Vision

Strategic Studies

LaRouche Announces the Role He Will Play Once Obama Goes  

Lyndon LaRouche kicked off the July 6 edition of the LaRouche PAC Weekly Report with an announcement that is bound to send shockwaves through the political landscape in the United States. Referring to the dialogue he held with leading U.S. economists, and representatives of China, Russia, and India on April 29, LaRouche declared that what he outlined in that event formed the basis of a program, which would kick in immediately upon the Constitutional removal of President Obama from office. Once that is accomplished, LaRouche stated, “I would play a key role in a post-Obama government, not as a member of the government, but as an advisor with many connections, pulling many strings together, to advise on how we bring the world out of the present mess.”

LaRouche Webcast

Change Is a’Comin’  

In his June 26 webcast, LaRouche laid out the necessary steps required to address the worst crisis in 7,000 years, starting with the urgent reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall principle, and the elimination of the insane belief that money has any intrinsic value, whatsover, a belief that prevents us from taking the measures needed immediately to avert a new dark age. LaRouche’s keynote address was followed by nearly three hours of dialogue with interlocutors from institutions around the world, and from the Stanford Group of LaRouche’s collaborators among academia and the national political scene.


200 Year News Flash! Schumann Sighted at His Own Birthday Fest in Virginia!  

by Aaron Halevy

A report on the joyous celebration of Robert Schumann’s 200th birthday. “In parallel to the scientific work being spearheaded by the ‘Basement,’ the international LaRouche Youth Movement has been working on the crucial developments of the cultural history of the Classical arts.”

LaRouche on Immortality: Mozart’s Motet ‘Ave Verum Corpus’

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche Youth in Berlin: Beethoven’s Ninth Performed at C=256

by Sergei Strid

Sergei Strid of the LaRouche Youth Movement in Berlin, Germany describes the breakthrough performance of the choral finale of Beethoven’s great work, as the culmination of two decades of organizing by the Schiller Institute, for a return to the Classical “Verdi tuning.”


Glass-Steagall, or Disintegration