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LaRouche Address—A Confluence of Crises:
Our Job Is To Manage the Universe

Here are Lyndon LaRouche's remarks to a private luncheon in Washington, D.C. on March 17.
There are several subjects which are of vital importance as world issues right now. One, of course, is the economic crisis. We have the worst worldwide economic crisis in modern history now developing. It's developing in part, in Europe, in the threatened breakup of the euro system, and I can see no hope for a continuation of the present euro system. Countries which are involved in the euro system are in the process of breaking from it, or being forced to break from it. There's no choice. That's the situation.
But this is also in the trans-Atlantic region, especially. The entire economic-financial situation of the trans-Atlantic region is now doomed: It can not continue in its present form. There are reforms available, if adopted,identify them.
The second thing is we now have a crisis which is probably even more threatening than this grave international economic crisis: The Sun is acting up! Now, you'll find that we have included in some of the materials we've supplied for you here, several reports, including a report which we did on Tuesday evening, on the nature of the crisis of the Pacific region, which is a breakdown crisis, hitting Japan, of course, but Japan is only part of the whole region that's going to go up. I'll explain that....

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The Anatomy of Russian Capitalism, by Stanislav M. Menshikov
March 23, 2007
—EIR News Service announced the publication of
The Anatomy of Russian Capitalism,
by Professor Stanislav M. Menshikov.

Translated from the Russian by Rachel Douglas, the book is an authoritative study of the Russian economy during the first 15 years after the break-up of the Soviet Union. The Preface, by EIR founder and contributing editor Lyndon LaRouche, titled, "Russia's Next Step," poses the need for U.S. policy-makers to study and grasp the "disease" presented in this book, since it represents "an economic global pandemic which we must all join to defeat."
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This Week's Cover

  • LaRouche Address:
    A Confluence of Crises—Our Job Is To Manage the Universe

    Lyndon LaRouche's keynote speech to a private luncheon in Washington March 17, in which he addressed 'several subjects which are of vital importance as world issues right now': the worst worldwide economic crisis in modern history; the unusual perturbations on Earth, coming from our Solar System and galaxy, as evidenced by the mega-quake and tsunami that hit Japan earlier this month; a third element, the global 'mass strike' which has broken out in response to the ongoing disintegration of the British imperial monetarist system, has the potential to overturn that system, and usher in a new creative age of mankind.


  • The Lesson of Japan:
    The Sun Is Acting Up; No Compromise with the Greenies!

    The March 16 Special Edition of the LPAC Weekly Report, with featured guests Lyndon LaRouche, and 'Basement Team' leader Sky Shields. Despite the attempt by the London-controlled mass media to provoke widespead hysteria about nuclear power following the March 11 Japanese earthquake, in fact, the issue is the series of major seismic catastrophes along the Pacific Ring of Fire.




  • Evolutionary Potential:
    Space and Cosmic Radiation

    Sky Shields and Alicia Cerretani discuss the anti-entropic nature of life, and its relationship to creativity as an all-pervasive principle of the universe. They explore several examples of socalled 'convergent evolution,' and discuss its relationship to large-scale galactic, and intergalactic cycles, as well as its significance for economic policymaking today.


  • The American Revolution in Ireland:
    Franklin's Irish Front

    Simultaneous with the American War of Independence, a similar force was gathering strength in Ireland. Benjamin Franklin saw the rising tide of revolution as the chance to destroy the British Empire. In 1769, he travelled to Ireland to scout out the possibility for an alliance between the two countries; he wrote back to his fellow patriots in Massachusetts: 'All Ireland is strongly in favor of the American cause. They have reason to sympathize with us.'

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