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A New Peace of Westphalia:
Up from the Ruin Which the Roman Empires Have Made of This World
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

March 13, 2011—Foreword:
In the aftermath of successive waves of world-wide warfare, we are now faced with a task of reconstruction which is, certainly, far more challenging, strategically, than anything known since the moment of the October 24, 1648 settlement of the Peace of Westphalia among the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, the Queen of Sweden, and the King of France. Notably, the precedent for today's challenge had been nothing less than that great ecumenical Council of Florence of 1438-1440, the Council whose great achievement had been betrayed by the launching of the 1492-1648 New Dark Age in Europe.
Similarly, there has been that destruction of Europe which was brought about by Margaret Thatcher, François Mitterrand, and George H.W. Bush, in the establishing of what was to become notorious as the ``Euro,'' and, the more recent catastrophe of the ``bail-out,'' the fraud brought on by the U.S. Presidencies of George W. Bush, Jr. and Barack Obama. These latter developments now threaten the permanent end to apparent hope for economy on Earth for the presently foreseeable future: unless the present, dismal trends in the official opinion of the trans-Atlantic sector of the world are reversed, very soon...

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  • A New Peace of Westphalia:
    Up from the Ruin which the Roman Empires Have Made of This World
    by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

    We are now confronted with a task of reconstruction of the physical economy of every nation on the planet, far more challenging, strategically, than anything in modern history, notably, since the 1648 Peace of Westphalia, which ended the Thirty Years War. The destruction wrought by successive 'Roman' empires, down to their present incarnation in the center of monetarist imperial tyranny, London, must now come to an end, one way or another: either by the final collapse of the system under the weight of trillions of dollars in toxic debt; or through its long-overdue overthrow by the current worldwide mass strike. But more than the defeat of the Empire is required if humanity is to survive and prosper. As recent outbursts of our Sun, and their impact around the Pacific Rim of Fire, powerfully indicate, unless mankind learns to understand and tame such cosmic events, our species may, before too long, go the way of the dinosaurs.

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