From Volume 38, Issue 25 of EIR Online, Published June 24, 2011
Russia and the CIS News Digest

LPAC Basement Team Addresses Russian-Ukrainian Conference

June 16 (EIRNS)—A video titled "Educating a Renaissance," produced by the Basement Team of the LaRouche Political Action Committee, was shown at the opening session of a conference held by Russian and Ukrainian intellectuals today in Sevastopol, Crimea (Ukraine). The event is called the "First Heraclean Futurological Congress—Justifying the Future."

The contribution from LPAC was made in response to a request from the conference organizers to present the Basement's scientific and pedagogical methods, as well as LPAC's political work. The video's producers were Liona Fan-Chiang, Peter Martinson, and Sky Shields. The video has subtitles in Russian and has been posted on both by the conference organizers and on the Russian video page.

Another speaker at the opening session was Pavlo Viknyansky, head of the "Student Republic" project of the National Democratic Youth League of Ukraine, speaking on "A Team for the Future." The Student Republic has participated in an ongoing series of exchanges with the Basement Team. The invitation for the Basement to address the Crimea conference came about after its initiator viewed Peter Martinson's video address to last Winter's "Team for the Future" event, held by the Student Republic movement in Ukraine's Carpathian Mountains. That Russian-subtitled video has been viewed by thousands online.

The First Heraclean Futurological Congress announcement proclaims a four-part perspective: 1) Conceptualize the future; 2) Envision the "power" of the future; 3) Formulate values for the future; 4) Formulate projects to bring those values to life. The conference materials also incorporate a slew of "generally accepted," but malicious, assumptions about global warming and overpopulation of the planet. We can look forward to hearing the participants' response to the laser-sharp, optimistic intervention by the Basement, which combines the necessity of implementing the Glass-Steagall principle, with an overview of the "narrow path" charted by Lyndon LaRouche and his movement, from Plato through Vernadsky and beyond, for reviving scientific and Classical artistic creativity for mankind. The speakers list for the event includes people from throughout Ukraine, as well as Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia.

Simultaneously with the release of "Educating a Renaissance," the third of LPAC's "Extended NAWAPA" videos to be subtitled in Russian was also published yesterday: "The Arctic." It ranked in the top ten science videos during its first 24 hours online (in the top four, if videos about UFOs are discounted). Earlier NAWAPA videos available in Russian are the overview tour of the project and the "Continental Implications" video, both of them dating from the second half of 2010.

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