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A Turning-Point in Current History:
Drum-Beats Over Libya
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

June 26, 2011—The early impeachment and ouster of President Barack Obama is almost inevitable as an event before or during the coming Summer months, unless the backers of Obama, especially from London, were to copy the Adolf Hitler option with the likeness of the British creation, Adolf Hitler's March 23, 1933 Ermächtigungsgesetz. The danger of the latter development has just been greatly increased by an opportunist vote in the U.S. Senate, a vote made in de facto opposition to my own principles, from others' stated policy for this occasion.
The Senate majority has, thus, made a lalapalooza of an amazing mistake, a mistake fairly characterized as one which reveals a great, great deal about the pettiness of which some legislators are capable, a mistake comparable in the annals of gallows humor, to cutting off one's face to save one's buttock, or, in the alternative, the loss of one's buttocks to save the appearance of a face.
The trans-Atlantic region, in which our United Sates is situated, still, despite its Presidents George W. Bush, Jr. and Barack Obama, as a crucially important part, is now that largely self-inflicted target for destruction, to which it were doomed if it continued to fail in effecting the relatively immediate expulsion of the increasingly despised President Barack Obama from office. Unlike many other leaders presently incumbent, who seek to compromise with an indictable scoundrel, I come from a tougher, World War II generation...

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