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If Europe Goes, So Does the U.S.A.:
Europe's Only Chance for Survival
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche issued the following emergency statement July 11, in the course of a policy review with colleagues on both sides of the Atlantic:
What happened with Tremonti's ultimatum to the prime ministership in Italy means that Tremonti has tipped the wagon. He's made a proposal, which if he were to be fired—Tremonti—that would collapse the entire European system in a chain reaction collapse. Now, I've had some conversations with Tremonti in the past, and these are not irrelevant at this moment.
Now, what's happened is, the whole system of Europe, economic financial system of Europe, is rotten to the core. There is no way this system could survive. The only question is: Is the collapse going to occur overnight, or sometime near that? This is the end of the system; and if a wrong move is made, a wrong choice of move is made, the whole world will go very soon—in a matter of days—into a general collapse.
Now, I'm the one. I'm the gravedigger of such follies; that is my function. And I'm not going to use a shovel; I will use a steamroller. What that means is, we are going to do the following: The situation of Europe is absolutely hopeless with the present system. We've now reached the point of a total breakdown crisis, because the whole system has reached a point which I knew was going to come. It's going to collapse one way or the other.
The only way it could be rescued would be by the United States, because the present European system has no provision for dealing with a crisis like this....
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World News

  • LaRouche Demands Obama End Coverup of Saudi 9/11 Role
    President Obama campaigned on a promise to declassify the 28 pages of the Joint Congressional Report on the 9/11 attacks, detailing Saudi funding and support for the plot. Two years later, they have still not been released. A statement from the 9/11 families charges that the Obama Administration 'took the side of the Saudi princes over thousands of family members and survivors of the 9/11 attacks.'
  • What QE3 Means for Europe:
    Stop the Threat of Hyperinflation with a Glass-Steagall System

    The financial system of the transatlantic sector is hopelessly bankrupt, writes Helga ZeppLaRouche from Germany. Fed Chairman Bernanke has intimated that, since the U.S. has reached its allowable debt limit, he may turn on the money spigots again, with QE3, thus bringing on a hyperinflationary explosion.
  • A Common Mission:
    Two Sudans Can Become Africa's Breadbasket

    The future of the newly created nation of South Sudan, and a new Sudan in the North, as well as the nations of the the Horn and the Maghreb, will depend on the adoption of a common mission to produce sufficient food to feed all the people of the region.

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