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Either Obama Goes Or the U.S.A. Goes; Throw Him Out Today!

Lyndon LaRouche delivered this webcast address from Northern Virginia on July 21, 2011.
We are now, as we have been doing in the previous two days—we're going to take on the essential fraud of a President who is not a President, who is some kind of freak: Barack Obama. If we don't get Barack Obama out of office very soon—and there are three ways to get him out: One, he runs scared, in order not to go to prison, like Nixon did. Number two, he's kicked out of office by Section 4, of the 25th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. And in that case, he goes that way. The other way is a straight impeachment.
If this bum is not out of office, you're not going to have a United States. So there is no basis for tolerating this President in the office of President now! The problem is, the issue is not made clear because we have a bunch of cowardly generations. Not my generation; my generation is World War II. I'm one of the last survivors, or active survivors of that period. And other generations, generally, are cowards: They will never tell the truth. They will always mix things up and say, ``Well, maybe it could be this,'' or that sort of talk. As a result of that kind of talk, if no decision is made, which would save this nation from extinction, {we're close to the end, now!} You're talking about September-October; you're talking about an already dead nation if no change of this type is made....

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  • LaRouche Webcast:
    Either Obama Goes or the U.S.A. Goes!

    In his July 21 webcast, Lyndon LaRouche presented a clear set of marching orders for the immediate days ahead: Number one, Obama must go, by impeachment or other constitituional means; number two, the 'Second Law of Thermodynamics' is a fraud, and must be abolished, if humanity is to survive this crisis; number three, the so-called 'environmentalist' movement is a scientific hoax, promoted by the British Empire. The 'Green' ideology must be replaced with a commitment to vastly increase the energy flux-density of the physical economy; number four, the casino economy must go, and Glass-Steagall be reinstated.
    • Dialogue with LaRouche
      During the discussion period, LaRouche addressed a wide range of questions, from the marriage of science and art in the Pazzi Chapel in Florence, to the courage of the World War II generation. We print the full transcript.



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