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LPAC-TV Weekly Report
The Remedy: U.S.-Russia-China Agreement for Global Recovery

Lyndon LaRouche was the featured guest on the Sept. 14 LPAC-TV Weekly Report.
Well, we have an interesting situation. We covered this in some internal discussion, and we thought we could make some of it public, as well. We are now approaching the point that the general crash of the entire financial system is coming about. And how it will work out—that's still in debate; but the fact is, we're coming to the limiting condition of a breakdown crisis, which does have remedies.
Now, the remedy largely will consist of an agreement reached, as we presented this internally, an agreement reached among the United States, Russia, and China. This will be a preliminary step, if enacted, which will be the unique solution for preventing the world from going into the deepest depression you ever saw. And we're talking about early times; we're talking about the remainder of this year, at the most, in which it has to go.
What it means is this: First of all, the current President of the United States must be thrown out of office. There are two principal grounds for doing so right now: One, he is mentally incompetent, according to the standards of the 25th Amendment of the Constitution. He also has violated the Constitution in terms which demand his expulsion, as in his involvement in the Libya operation that was conducted in violation of our Constitution. We have to get him out, and that has to be soon. He's eligible for it. ...
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  • LPAC-TV Weekly Report:
    The Remedy: U.S.-Russia-China Agreement for Global Recovery

    Lyndon LaRouche appeared on the Sept. 14 Weekly Report with Alicia Cerretani and Sky Shields for a discussion of his proposal for a three-way alliance among the U.S., Russia, and China, as the fulcrum for a global economic recovery, focusing on the Eurasian Land-Bridge, the Bering Strait bridge-tunnel, and NAWAPA. This combination, he said, would be a preliminary step, and would ultimately bring in other significant Asian and European powers. But, the precondition for this to happen, is that the current President of the United States must be thrown out of office.
    • Russia's Putin Prepares for Another Landmark Visit to China
      Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will visit China in October, he confirmed at a Sept. 14 meeting in Moscow with China's Wu Bangguo. The Chinese-Russian meeting promises to be crucial in the process LaRouche has identified as 'the unique solution' for preventing the deepest depression the world has ever seen.




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