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LaRouche Emergency Address:
Trans-Pacific Alliance Can Re-Launch Bankrupt Economy

This program was broadcast on LPAC-TV on Sept. 30, 2011. Matthew Ogden was the moderator.
There's going to be some sad news in this, tonight. There also is, as compensation, the opportunity for a great step forward, in terms of the conditions of humanity. Now, there are about three sections to what I have to say today. One has to recognize that we have entered into the most dangerous period in known history of civilization. We're at the point of a general breakdown crisis of the entirety of the trans-Atlantic region, especially the north trans-Atlantic region, in which the only alternative is to shift the center of attention, from the disaster in the trans-Atlantic region, to the optimism we can hope for in the trans-Pacific region. That's generally the nature of the situation. The situation otherwise is this: There is a general breakdown process underway now. We are nearly at the terminal end of the existence of the order of the trans-Atlantic world as we've known it up to now. Exactly what hour or even what day, this thing is going to collapse, we don't know, but the collapse is now, in its present form, barring a miracle, inevitable. The first condition to be considered is the following: Since the trans-Atlantic region is in a breakdown crisis—that includes the United States, implicitly Canada, and Western Europe, and so forth—then we have to look at the alternative for organizing a recovery, which is in the Pacific region. The condition for the measures which can be taken to overcome this crisis, is the immediate removal of President Barack Obama from office...

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