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The Case of Iran & Obama's Private Armies

Is Alleged Iranian Plot Part of Obama's Coup-attempt?

From Volume 38, Issue 41 of EIR Online, Published October 21, 2011
Southwest Asia News Digest

The Case of Iran & Obama's Private Armies

Oct. 17 (EIRNS)—The following item by Leandra Bernstein was posted on the LaRouchePAC website on Oct. 13:

"In the case of the attempted assassination of Saudi Ambassador to the United States, Adel Al-Jubeir, presumably by two Iranian citizens, there is one factor that has not been adequately acknowledged. Namely, any confrontation between the United States and Iran is inherently a confrontation with China and Russia.

"Early reports on Oct. 13 noted that the Obama Administration gave word to every U.S. ambassador abroad that they should put the Iranian case before their host governments and make the case for tough retribution. Obama and other members of his Administration have already stated their intent to unite the world in dealing with Iran. [U.S. Ambassador to the UN] Susan Rice was right on time earlier today for yet another shrieking fit before the United Nations, to which both Russia and China responded cautiously, essentially saying, slow down. However, it is only a matter of time before Russia and China are confronted, based on their mutual resistance to a long-sought-after international incident with Iran, and their ongoing relationships with Iran in trade relations, and the Iranian nuclear power program, respectively.

"This amateurish and highly suspicious escalation against Iran comes scarcely one week after both Russia and China vetoed the call in the UN for sanctions on Syria, with Russian officials, including Vladimir Putin, denouncing the measures as yet another push for regime change, citing the war in Libya as a case in point.... The escalation, which inevitably implicates Russia and China, falls right in the middle of an ongoing Hitlerian coup attempt by President Obama (i.e., think British-orchestrated World War). As Lyndon LaRouche said on Saturday on this website, "We're on a time-scale not only of an immediate breakdown crisis of the entire world economy—especially the trans-Atlantic region—but also the attempt, and plans already in motion, preparations already being installed, for early implementation, for establishing a Hitler-style coup inside the United States, top-down."

Is Alleged Iranian Plot Part of Obama's Coup-attempt?

Oct. 17 (EIRNS)—On Oct. 11, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, at a press conference in Washington, unfolded an Iranian plot conspiring to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. Holder said the conspiracy was conceived, sponsored, and directed from Iran, and he pointed specifically to senior levels of the country's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' Quds Force. Holder, however, did not produce the "irrefutable" evidence about Iran's role.

Is this, then, an aspect of what Lyndon LaRouche had warned of earlier: a coup-attempt by the desperate President Obama? EIR cannot yet answer that question, but the skepticism is mounting that this is merely part of that British-directed coup attempt.

According to a well-informed Washington intelligence source, the Iranian plot is about equivalent to the foiled "shoe bomber" attack by al-Qaeda networks that emanated from London. Never in the current case was the alleged target, Ambassador Adel al-Jubeir, in actual danger. Yet the Attorney General and the President have weighed in, threatening Iran with retaliation before anything has been proven. In addition, the accused assassination planner is a well-known bumbler in his community (see below).

Well-qualified experts have questioned the story from the outset. For instance, Robert Baer, a former CIA case officer in the Middle East, said that the "Quds Force has never been this sloppy, using untested proxies, contracting with Mexican drug cartels, sending money through New York bank accounts, and putting its agents on U.S. soil where they risk being caught.... The Quds Force is simply better than this."

On Oct. 12, the Guardian of London, in an article titled, "Unanswered questions over the alleged Iranian assassination plot," said the plot has the ring of a far-fetched Hollywood thriller. Pointing out the transfer of $100,000 to a New York bank account from Mexico as one of the pieces of evidence cited by the Attorney General, the Guardian wrote: "The key evidence that the alleged plot was serious was the $100,000 wire transfer. It came from a foreign bank account, but that cannot be an Iranian account because such transfers are impossible under US law. The money must have come from a third country, but which? And how can the US authorities be so sure the foreign accounts were under the control of the Quds force?"

Almost every aspect of the development and discovery of the alleged plot raises questions. The accused, Mansor Arbabsiar, is a used-car salesman who approached a person he believed was a member of the Zeta Mexican drug cartel, who was actually a DEA agent. The Wall Street Journal reports that the authorities described the informant as a paid source who was facing drug charges by authorities in a U.S. state, and that the charges were dismissed following his cooperation on unrelated drug investigations. Furthermore, the plot itself seems to have been encouraged by U.S. Federal agents, who, according to the Journal, developed a sting operation over a period of months, helping set up details of a plot to bomb a fictitious Washington restaurant. No explosives were ever obtained, nor was an attack imminent.

The timing of the announcement is also questionable, especially since Obama was reportedly informed of the case as early as June of this year.

Even the U.S. government's propaganda news service, Voice of America, questioned the case.

In an Oct. 17 report, VoA reported:

"One of his [Arbabsiar's] former business partners, David Tomscha, describes Arbabsiar as a simpleton who failed at even menial tasks. He would always lose keys; he was always disorganized with the numbers, he might try to sell you a car and say it was a 1989 [model and year] and it might be an '85.... I don't know if it was that he was trying to cheat you or that he just could not remember, said Tomscha.

"In spite of his irresponsible nature, Tomscha says Arbabsiar was well liked by most people who knew him here....

"But Tomscha says the lure of money may have taken hold of Arbabsiar. 'I cannot believe he could set anything up.... I am sure he is was not the mastermind,' he noted.

"Most of the other people who knew Arbabsiar agree that the man they knew would not have been capable of carrying out any kind of plot."

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