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Remove Obama Now!
We Need a New Presidency, A New Concept of Politics

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., gave this keynote address to a LaRouchePAC Town Meeting in Windsor, N.J., on Dec. 11, 2011. The panel was moderated by Diane Sare, who is one of the slate of six national LaRouche Democratic Congressional candidates. The video is at http://www.larouchepac.com/webcasts/20111211.html
We are in a very interesting world, which means it is a very frightening world. And what is being done at this point, on both sides of the Atlantic in particular, is not at first glance particularly refreshing or reassuring.

The situation is as follows: We have a President who is unfit, even for citizenship, actually; who is clinically insane. There is no question {in fact} but that he is clinically insane. The American System vs. Oligarchy However, the problem is, that because of certain things that have happened over the recent several decades, we in the United States no longer have, generally, the kind of courage that a citizen would tend to have in earlier times. The assassination of John F. Kennedy, and the launching of the prolonged Indo-China War, in which we lost our morality, our courage, and everything else, has taken its toll. And what's happened since then, particularly in the past nearly ten years now, under George W. Bush, Jr., and Obama, has done everything to destroy the confidence and even the morality of our people.

Now the problem is intrinsically an old kind of problem. We in the United States were particularly fortunate, in the sense that there was a renaissance which occurred, actually probably implicitly with the birth of Nicholas of Cusa in 1401. This man turned out to be probably the greatest genius in all history, since his approach toward maturity. He changed science, he changed everything, more than any other single individual, in this process....

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  • Remove Obama Now!
    We need a New Presidency, a New Concept of Politics

    On the brink of the greatest crisis faced by this nation since the Great Depression and World War II, Lyndon LaRouche addressed a town meeting in New Jersey, hosted by LaRouche Democratic Candidate for Congress Diane Sare. In his opening remarks, he stated bluntly: 'In its present form, there will never be, in our lifetimes and beyond, there will never be a recovery, unless we bring it into effect now. And my estimate is, that we shall never escape from this, unless we very soon expel the current President of the United States from his office.'







  • Abolhassan Bani Sadr
    Bani Sadr was the first President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. An opponent of the regime, he was exiled in 1981, and lives in France. He was interviewed in Paris by Nouvelle Solidarité.


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