Volume 38, Number 4, January 28, 2011


LaRouche Webcast: The State of the Union: A.D. 2011  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Lyndon LaRouche delivers his first webcast of the New Year, on Jan. 22, opening with a renewed, and urgent call, for Obama to be removed from the Presidency, under the provisions of the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. “If you don’t get rid of this President, you’re not going to have a government,” LaRouche stated. “It’s that simple. The Democrats have to come to understand that. If they’ve got any interim plan for accommodating to this President, they’re wasting their time. Reality will not allow that to happen.” On the other hand, he said, “there is a narrow selection of measures which are appropriate to this problem. It is possible, within a short period of time, to change this situation, beginning with the Glass-Steagall action; the actual, original Glass-Steagall being reenacted, at some time during the weeks, or so forth, ahead, would be sufficient to open the gates, for alternatives for recovery, not only in the United States, but because of the United States, the planet.”

LaRouche’s keynote address was followed by a two-and-a-half hour dialogue, covering issues from the crises in Ireland and Tunisia, to the bankruptcies of the U.S. state governments.

The Extended NAWAPA: Project Overview

Key features of the NAWAPA (North American Water and Power Alliance), from LaRouche PAC. “The implementation of NAWAPA means making the bold decision to solve the longterm needs of mankind for the next 50 years, in the management of water and other presently known and new resources. It means a civilization taking its destiny into its own hands, by managing continental and global characteristics instead of local ones.”

World News

Statement by Jacques Cheminade: To the Tunisian People, After the Fall of Ben Ali  

by Jacques Cheminade

Cheminade is the leader of the French political party Solidarity and Progess, and a candidate for the 2012 French Presidential elections. In a statement issued from Paris, on the crisis in Tunisia, he writes: “The fall of Ben Ali represents the awakening of a people, and of an army, that couldn’t bear any longer to live under the oppression of a mafioso clan. My heart is with those who have freed themselves, but the verbal expression of solidarity is insufficient. France has a duty toward them, as much by reason of our common history, as by our recent intolerable complacency.”

World Bank: Tunisia Is a ‘Success Story’

by Hussein Askary

An October 2010 World Bank report heaps praise on Tunisia as one of the leading African economies, based on its doubling of exports, and its competitiveness. However, Tunisia’s years of cooperation with the IMF and World Bank have actually resulted in a doubling of unemployment, especially among educated youth, the murder of the middle class, and privatization of its economy, leaving the country with tourism as its only “industry.”

North Africa: From Roudaire’s ‘Inland Sea’ Project to the Blue Revolution

by Yves Paumier

A preview of North Africa in 2050, following the transformation of the vast desert by a great water project.

Germany Moves To Surmount the Crisis: Foul-Up in Merkel’s New Year Speech Fixed  

It has since been revealed that Chancellor Merkel read the wrong speech in her New Year’s address.

Megafloods, HRH Prince Philip Savage Australia’s Food Production  

by Robert Barwick

Robert Barwick writes from Melbourne, that the recurring floods in Australia have devastated major food production areas of the nation, wiping out huge chunks of wheat, beef, and fresh vegetables production. This was not an act of nature alone: Prince Philip’s WWF and the Green mafia have prevented urgently needed water infrastructure from being built in this vast continent. Had several long-proposed dams been constructed, the flood damage would have been greatly ameliorated.

Australia Needs a Debt Moratorium

An interview with Australian farmer Maurice Hetherington.


Euthanasia, Never Again!