Volume 38, Number 6, February 11, 2011


Our U.S.A., Our Traitors & Today’s British Empire: The Crucial Atlantic Triangle  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

In February 1763, in the Peace of Paris, the future U.S.A. was divided between the Liberal faction of the British East India Company and the American patriots. Since 1763, to the American victory at Yorktown, that division has existed to the present day, as between the American patriots and the “party of treason,” that of the socalled “Tories” of the British East India Company faction in North America.

Now with the release of the Angelides Commission report, LaRouche’s 40-year record of economic forecasts, and proposed remedies, have been fully demonstrated to have been correct. As LaRouche writes: “The current report of Philip Angelides’ Federal Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, has become virtually a map of the history of those confirmed economic forecasts of crisis-points, and their neglected, but prescribed remedies, for the U.S. economy which I had delivered over the three recent decades, which are now to be added to similarly confirmed, earlier forecasts dating since August 1956.”

The Angelides Report Tells the Truth: LaRouche Was Right! Glass-Steagall Now!  

by Nancy Spannaus

What LaRouche said; what the Angelides report says; what the “experts” had to say; and, what really happened.

Strategic Studies

How Can Europe Be Saved?  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche writes that the nations of Europe, including those of the British Isles, now sinking under the weight of the British/Euro empire, can be saved, if they adopt “the great principle of a credit system,” modeled on a Hamiltonian reform, as embodied in FDR’s 1933 Glass- Steagall Act.

Is Europe Breaking Up? Youth Need a Vistion for the Future!  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The escalation of violent confrontations in Egypt and the growing protests in North Africa, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, and India, are but regional manifestations of the ongoing collapse of the global financial system.

BüSo Party Congress: LaRouche Movement Launches Campaign for Germany  

A report on the Jan. 29 congress of the Berlin branch of the Civil Rights Solidarity Movement (BüSo), the party of the LaRouche movement in Germany.


The Global Truth About the ‘Egypt’ Crisis  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Since the beginning of the demonstrations in Cairo, Alexandria, and other Egyptian cities on Jan. 25, Lyndon LaRouche has been emphasizing that the so-called “Egypt crisis” cannot be understood, unless situated in the context of a global disintegration of the entire financial system, which is creating impossible conditions throughout much of the planet, starting in the trans-Atlantic region.

Can President Karzai Undo Washington-London-Riyadh Afghan Plan?  

by Ramtanu Maitra

Afghan President Karzai is now replacing the Taliban as the number one enemy of the Washington-London-Riyadh nexus in Afghanistan. We present the evidence.

Can the Philippines Be Saved?  

by Mike Billington

Space Technology Can Transform Africa  

by Marsha Freeman

Interview: Dr. Mohamed Argoun: Space Technologies To Develop Africa  

Dr. Argoun is the former director of the space program of Egypt, the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (NARSS).


LaRouche Candidates Confront States with Angelides Report  

The Angelides Report has provided thorough affirmation of what Lyndon LaRouche has said for decades about how the elimination of Glass-Steagall, and the promotion of derivatives, created the current economic-financial breakdown crisis. Now, any decision by legislators to carry out murderous budget cuts is a criminal act of stupidity. This is the message the six LaRouche Democratic Congressional candidates are taking to state legislatures around the country.


New Evidence for a Non-Particle View of Life  

by Laurence Hecht

France’s leading virologist, Luc Montagnier, has brought forth remarkable new evidence for a non-particle view of life. The emission of low-frequency electromagnetic waves from bacterial DNA sequences, and the apparent ability of these waves to organize nucleotides (the raw material of DNA) into new bacterial DNA, by mediation of structures within water, are among the important results reported to date.


The United States, Or Obama