Volume 38, Number 24, June 17, 2011


Will Our U.S.A. Survive? A Deadline in Destiny  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The solution to the crisis lies, LaRouche writes, with a “commitment to a credit system, rather than the likeness of a European monetarist system.” This commitment to a credit system “has been the legacy which informed the leadership of our republic under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the legacy on which the design for Glass-Steagall was premised in our constitutional system. Both Alexander Hamilton and his collaborator Isaac Roosevelt, the latter the ancestor of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, are to be identified with the establishment of our republic’s constitutional tradition, on that account.”


LaRouche Emergency Call: Food Price Controls Now! Cancel Bailout Genocide!  

by Marcia Merry Baker and John Hoefle

Without food price controls, there will be guaranteed farm/food breakdown and famine, resulting from the processes now underway from the combined impact of weather extremes, out-of-control speculation, and non-action from Washington, D.C.

FDR’S 1942 Declaration on Price Controls

U.S. Gave Food Sovereignty, Reserves to GATT/London

FAO Food Outlook: Grain Stocks Plunge as Prices Skyrocket


Europe on the Brink: No to Bailouts, Deindustrialization

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

In the face of the global crisis, Germany does not need more bank bailouts and a green nuclear phase-out policy, but rather energetic measures against financial speculation, like a Glass-Steagall-type banking system; food price controls to protect the world’s population from a wave of price increases; and major building programs based on high energy-flux density.

Resolution for Immediate Dissolution of the WBGU

The report of the German Federal Scientific Advisory Board for Global Environmental Changes (WBGU), “World Transition—Social Contract for a Great Transformation,” is a British-steered program for genocide. Dozens of leading figures from around the world have signed the resolution.

European Revolution Comes to Stockholm

by Hussein Askary

Pakistan Caught in British-Saudi Plan To Dismember the Country

by Ramtanu Maitra

The ongoing disintegration of Pakistan is the direct result of British-Saudi collusion.


Obama Fiddles While the Nation Burns

by Carl Osgood

Firefighters and others tasked with protecting the general welfare, in communities all over the country, are trying to fight back against the Obama Administration’s devastating budget cuts; but without taking on the Wall Street looting policies behind the economic collapse, it is a losing battle.


America’s Historic Mission: 1776 & 1936  

1776 to Today: Mobilizing for Independence  

by Nancy Spannaus

FDR: This Generation of Americans Has a Rendezvous with Destiny

President Franklin Roosevelt’s acceptance speech, upon being nominated as the Democratic Party candidate for President in Philadelphia, June 27, 1936.


Labor Goes for Glass-Steagall  

Editorial Statement

Now, There Is the ‘Anthropo’ Scene

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.