Volume 38, Number 35, September 9, 2011


LaRouche’s Seven Necessary Steps: Step One—Remove Obama, Implement Glass-Steagall  

Lyndon LaRouche has outlined a seven-point program as the only possible solution for the present threat of a global breakdown crisis. In our last issue, we presented the overview; in this and subsequent issues, we will provide in-depth attention to each of the necessary steps, beginning with the one which most people find the most “impractical”: the removal of Barack Obama from the U.S. Presidency. “Obama must be removed first,” LaRouche declared, “so that he’s not able to jam up the passage of a Glass-Steagall reenactment.”


Merkel Before the End: Democracy, Honecker-Style  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel provides a perfect example of Orwellian “Doublespeak,” by giving lip service to the Bundestag’s right to set the budget, at the same time that she demands that it “conform to the needs of the ‘market.’”

Stop Bankers’ Coup Attempt in Germany!

by Rainer Apel

Finance Minister Schäuble and others are knuckling under to the “markets” to such an extent that they no longer even pretend to abide by democratic principles.

Obama Haiti Crimes: Dark Age Mass Murder

by Cynthia R. Rush

Nineteen months after the Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti, killing 300,000 people, the island nation and its still-traumatized people have been left to rot in a New Dark Age existence.

Obama’s Illegal Libya Action Ensures Another Permanent War

by Douglas DeGroot


Obama’s Malign Neglect Is the Worst Disaster  

by Marcia Merry Baker and Carl Osgood

Disaster relief for the millions of Americans suffering the aftereffects of drought, flooding, tornadoes, and other extreme weather, is being withheld by the criminal inaction of the Obama Administration, as the President continues to serve the interests of London and Wall Street.

Massive Securities Fraud: Big Wall Street Banks Face Charges, Collapse

by Paul Gallagher

Seventeen top banks are charged with $200 billion worth of securities fraud; the Obama White House is standing in the way of a Glass-Steagall revival; and the economy is continuing to collapse into depression.

Eurocrats Fall Flat at Alpbach Conference

by Harley Schlanger

Our correspondent brings reality to a gathering of bankers and economic professionals in denial.

The Space Station Is at Risk, Thanks to Obama’s Policies

by Marsha Freeman

Interview with Andy Olson and Wayne Voelz: Why NAWAPA Is the Only Viable Solution to the Farming Crisis  


A Constitutional Solution