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Dinosaur or Human?

The LPAC-TV Weekly Report of Feb. 1 featured Lyndon LaRouche, and Sky Shields, Oyang Teng, and Ben Deniston of the LPAC Basement Team of scientific researchers....

Lyndon LaRouche: Good morning. Today we're going to be treating actually two subjects, which are interrelated. On the one side, we're now in the period, which has become graver recently, which threatens a general breakdown, and worse things possibly, politically, in the world. We're on the verge of a thermonuclear war, which is being initiated from the British monarchy, and which is a threat now, to launch a thermonuclear confrontation with Asian nations, including Russia, which is Eurasian, China, and other countries. Russia and China are among two of the most important thermonuclear systems for warfare on the planet. The United States, with its submarine warfare for thermonuclear weapons, is probably the greatest power for killing on this planet right now.

If the plan now is to have—and it has been, since the time of the shutdown of Libya, and the killing of Muammar Qaddafi—the intention has been to have the Israelis launch an attack, an aerial attack, on Iran, and on the basis of engagements, set forth a conflict which will go very quickly to a thermonuclear conflict, probably launched by the United States, under British direction, against China and Russia....

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  • LPAC-TV Weekly Report:
    Dinosaur or Human?

    Lyndon LaRouche, joined by Basement scientific researchers Oyang Teng, Sky Shields, and Ben Deniston, delves deeply into the question of the ontological character of the universe: that the universe is designed to achieve ever-more significant breakthroughs in energy-flux density, i.e., that it is anti-entropic, a fact that obliterates the hysterical claims of the so-called environmentalists. As LaRouche insists: 'antientropy is the characteristic of the universe,' and that, among known lifeforms, 'only the human mind has that particular kind of of anti-entropic potentiality'; that anti-entropy 'is the essential precondition for the existence of the human species. The environmentalist of today is an enemy of the human species!'


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