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Zepp-LaRouche Webcast
The Next Jump in Evolution:
The End of Monetarism

Helga Zepp-LaRouche, chairwoman of the BüSo, (Civil Rights Solidarity party of Germany), and founder of the international Schiller Institute, presented an evaluation of the grave strategic situation, in an international webcast on Feb. 11, on LPAC-TV

Good evening.

Actually, this webcast originally was meant to address primarily a European audience, but because of the urgency of the strategic situation, and since I'm presently nearby Washington, I decided to do this webcast in English. And I'm addressing myself to those of you who recognize that civilization right now is in mortal danger. It should be obvious to any thinking human being on this planet, that a continuation of the present policies is possibly leading to the extinction of the human species. And I appeal to you, at least those who agree with me, to join the mobilization, to do everything in your capability, to stop this danger of civilizational collapse.

Now, it is not true that this catastrophe is inevitable, and in the beginning, before I go into some rather heavy material, I want to say, rule out the idea from your thinking that one can not do anything, anyway. This sentence which is the most spoken sentence in Germany, ``Man kann ja sowieso nichts machen,'' ``One cannot do anything anyway.'' I don't want to address this situation from that standpoint. ...

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  • The Next Jump in Evolution:
    The End of Monetarism

    Helga Zepp-LaRouche's Feb. 11 LaRouchePAC webcast. The euro's days are numbered, and the failure of the hyperinflationary bailout policy, together with the brutal austerity which is destroying Greece and other countries, are a testament to the incompetence of the governments which have imposed them. Trapped within the bell jar of monetarism, these governments are incapable of finding the way out the spiral of collapse. The challenge now is to achieve new, higher levels of evolution, through increases in the biosphere's energy-flux density.




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