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Principle vs. Populism:
The U.S.A.'s Last Chance
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
February 23, 2012

-On Essential Background-

The urgent lesson for this report, is, that, remarkably, some actually great U.S. Presidents have lived out the term of office for which they had been elected, often despite the British empire's customarily vigilant assassins within and beyond our shores. I include among such latter wretches such as those associated with the Bank of Manhattan's Aaron Burr (1756-1836).
Not strangely, on the opposing side, our nation's native scoundrels, especially the treasonous sort, have sometimes appeared to be the more fortunate party in the roulette of our nation's elections. The most notable cases of the effects of treasonous policies of practice, are instances of the assassinations of our great Presidents who had been then still in active service at the time they were murdered, such as Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, or John F. Kennedy: those assassinations had often resulted in the replacement of what had been a great President's program, then being ruined by a successor from among those whose simple weaknesses, or base corruption, or even savagely treasonous policies, such as those of President Barack Obama, were thus unleashed, when and where appropriate outlooks and policies had been essential requirements.
There were other cases, in which the British wished, as since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, to induce a downward plunge of our republic...

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  • Principle vs. Populism:
    The U.S.A.'s Last Chance

    As the U.S.A. plunges into what is, so far, the 2012 election debacle, Lyndon LaRouche looks back at some of our earlier Presidents—some scoundrels, some sublime, and some who combined elements of both—and concludes that at no time in our history have we been confronted with such a daunting challenge in choosing a President. 'The case of the misguided personal voter,' LaRouche writes, 'is among the most crucial of those dangers to our republic which must be faced in the current approach to the coming U.S. general election of 2012.' The existential challenges we now face to the continued existence of humanity on this planet demand that the political parties and the voters reject populist sophistries, and adopt the fundamental principles that will guide us out of the looming catastrophe.



  • Ritual Sacrifice Spreads from Greece to Spain
    Fresh from the murder of Greece, with its 11 million people, the Euro-gods are now demanding a similar sacrifice from the nation of Spain, with its 46 million population, on behalf of the British imperial bankers.
  • The 25th Amendment Is the First Step in Doubling Food Production
    A look at the USDA's Agricultural Outlook Forum 2012, where LaRouche organizers challenged the attendees: 'Will we Americans have the guts to chuck Barack Obama from the Presidency, and create the conditions for doubling food production?'
  • Tornados Show Killer Obama Food Policy
    Extreme weather events, such as last week's devastating tornados that ripped through the central states, are hitting a farm sector already reeling from the ongoing financial blowout. Mass starvation is threatened.


  • British Hedge-Fund Project:
    The 'Americans Elect' Hoax

    In the name of creating a 'third pathway' for choosing a Presidential candidate, an outfit calling itself 'Americans Elect,' the brainchild of the Britishowned hedge-fund speculator Peter Ackerman, has already secured ballot status in 17 states for its as yet undetermined 'nonpartisan ticket.'
  • An Alternative:
    LaRouche Slate Offers 'The Competent Candidate'

    LaRouchePAC issued this leaflet, titled, 'The Competent Candidate for the Presidency Is the LaRouche Federal Slate,' on Feb. 18.
  • Senators Demand Probe of Saudi-9/11 Ties
    Two former U.S. Senators who had access to top-secret information on the 9/11 attacks are asking a Federal judge to allow a full investigation of evidence that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia played a direct role in those attacks.

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