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LaRouche Addresses Town Hall Meetings
Thermonuclear War Looms: How We Must Prevent It

Here is Lyndon LaRouche's opening statement to a simulcast on March 10, addressing town hall meetings convened in their states by the six congressional candidates who make up the LaRouche National Slate: Diane Sare (N.J.), Rachel Brown (Mass.), Bill Roberts (Mich.), Kesha Rogers (Tex.), Summer Shields (Calif.), and Dave Christie (Wash.). LaRouche was introduced by Summer Shields, who moderated the webcast. The video of the event, including questions and answers, is available at www.larouchepac.com.

Summer Shields: ...With growing clamor for military intervention into Syria and Iran emanating from the British, a group of patriots has gathered, led by those gathered watching this event here at the various audiences, and the leadership of the U.S. military as well. And now, a resolution has been introduced into the U.S. Congress by Congressman Walter Jones, reemphasizing the constitutional role of the U.S. Congress, and only the U.S. Congress, in authorizing the declaration of war, and stating that any move by this President to unilaterally authorize war will be met with impeachment--and might I add, long overdue impeachment. Since its introduction, House Concurrent Resolution 107 has gained widespread attention by several independent media outlets around the country. In response to the introduction of this resolution, Mr. LaRouche commented, ``This bill could save the United States from destruction....

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  • LaRouche:
    Thermonuclear War Looms; How We Must Prevent It

    Lyndon LaRouche's opening statement to a simulcast on March 10, to town hall meetings convened in their respective states, by the six Congressional candidates who make up the LaRouche National Slate. LaRouche details the factors that are presently leading us into a potential thermonuclear World War III. Added to the threat of war, he says, is that, among the current crop of so-called Presidential candidates are 'one Democrat, who is not fit for anything, the current President of the United States; and we have four Republicans of note, of which three are absolutely intolerable, and one, who might be accepted as a continued member of the Congress, but is obviously not qualified for getting anywhere near the Presidency.'




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