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Our World's Fast-Waning Options
By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

March 8, 2012—Profound matters at issue are sometimes presented to us from amid grotesque settings of misbelief. As of the close of Russia's March 4, 2012, Sunday election, the British-controlled enemies of Russia, who were typically represented by my rather long-standing personal enemy, the British empire's notorious tool, Mikhail S. Gorbachov, had represented less than 20% of the Russian vote cast, according to the end-of-the-day estimates on the Russian election and related developments.

Therefore, on the basis of that and related evidence, the urgent question is: is it now this fact, taken together with the immediate push for an Israeli war against Iran, which now signals us toward what the British empire, backed by British puppet-President of the United States, Barack Obama, now intends to unleash as an intended, full-scale, thermonuclear-weapons-launch against Russia, China, and related targets, now, in addition to other victims of British empire-led, and implicitly treasonous crimes against humanity, targets such as those of the British tool, the Emperor Nero-mimic, U.S. President Barack Obama, against such targeted, sovereign nation-states as Syria and Iran. The British and their nominally American puppet-President, Obama, are following up the Hitler-like, war-criminal actions of the Obama puppet-regime in Libya....

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  • Our World's Fast-Waning Options
    'Now, we have come to the time that the British empire has currently launched the attempt to push forward the greatest crime against humanity in all modern world history, writes Lyndon LaRouche. 'This crime, an attempt at virtually global thermonuclear, mass bombardments, an intended, and prepared crime, which has been perpetrated, chiefly, by British influences . . . an attempted thermonuclear war against the principal and other nations of Eurasia and other places; it is not only necessary, for the sake of the existence of humanity on this planet, to defeat the evil schemes of that British empire and its puppets; it is essential to define and implement the means needed to properly identify, understand, and remove that evil from among important nations of this planet.'
  • Macro-Ecological Revolutions:
    Mass Extinctions as Shadows of Anti-Entropic Growth

    'What are the invariant, qualitative characteristics governing the history of life here on Earth? What does this history tell us about the universe in which we live? What lessons must we learn, if our own species is to survive the present threats?' These are the issues that Benjamin Deniston addresses, in this contribution from the LPAC Basement Team.





  • Exploring Space:
    The Optimism of an Infinite Universe

    Rudolph Biérent, a young researcher from the French Aerospace Lab ONERA, gave this address to the Schiller Institute conference in Berlin, Feb. 26. In it, he happily demolishes the concept of entropy, and presents a vision of the future in which mankind extends his reach far beyond Earth.
  • The Lesson of the Great Japan Earthquake
    Oyang Teng of the LaRouche Basement Team poses the question, 'Can earthquakes be predicted?' Despite denials on the part of mainstream seismology, the qualified answer is: Yes.

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