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A Shift in World Politics?
Cheminade in Breakout Mode
by Nancy Spannaus

April 17—The April 22 Presidential elections in France could provide the shock needed to break the political controls which have kept trans-Atlantic politics under the thumb of the British financial oligarchy, remarked Lyndon LaRouche on April 14. A marker for that change will be the impact of the campaign of Jacques Cheminade—a close associate of LaRouche, and one of ten candidates on the ballot—on the decision-making process of the next President-elect. Cheminade is campaigning aggressively for an immediate reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, and the establishment of a sovereign credit system to launch great projects in collaboration with other nations.
Running on the campaign theme ``A World Without the City or Wall Street, Great Infrastructure Works for Tomorrow,'' Cheminade has propelled himself into prominence both in France and internationally, due to his policies, but also because, he has enjoyed equal coverage with France's two main contenders for the presidency, François Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy. His recent prime-time appearances on two major French TV stations, France 2 and TF1, where he discussed his policy of eliminating illegitimate debts through a Glass-Steagall Act, and answered questions about his comparison of U.S. President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler, have reached close to 9 million people.
Although subject to a massive slander campaign by a small, but influential group of the ``major'' media, Cheminade has already had a palpable effect on the political debate in France...
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    Section II discusses the transformation of the region's water system, and its impact on agriculture.

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