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There Is Life After the Euro!
An Economic Miracle for South Europe and the Mediterrenean!

June 1—All of us—every nation in Europe, along with its citizens—now face a doubly existential crisis: The euro system, and the entire trans-Atlantic financial system, are in the process of total disintegration, which can be put off only for a few more weeks, by means of hyperinflationary injections of liquidity. This is the result of the failed system of the British Empire, which also, on the basis of the so-called Blair Doctrine, now threatens to draw us into a thermonuclear confrontation with Russia and China.
A solution does exist. That solution, however, is absolutely impossible within our current system. The hopelessly bankrupt system of globalization, and today's casino economy, must be replaced by a credit system that is oriented exclusively toward future investment into the real economy, with high energy-flux densities. Re-attaining national sovereignty is the absolute prerequisite for both economic recovery and the preservation of peace. We need to immediately establish a two-tier banking system in the tradition of Franklin D. Roosevelt, along with a credit system in the tradition of Alexander Hamilton and the FDR-era Reconstruction Finance Corporation, and we must return to national currencies, fixed exchange rates, and an economic reconstruction program...

...[O]ne might well paraphrase the title of Francisco Goya's famous etching: ``The sleep of economic reason has produced monsters.'' For who could still have any doubt that the euro is a failed experiment?...
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  • European Bankers Panic, Admit System Is Doomed
    The leading international bankers finally publicly agreed with LaRouche and EIR: In Europe, an absolute breaking point has been reached. The problem is that the bankers are determined to replace the current bankrupt system with Weimar-style hyperinflation and a global financial dictatorship.
  • Obama Hand in Haiti's Cholera Genocide
    As predicted, Haiti is again in the grip of a cholera upsurge. And President Obama's malign neglect of the U.S.A.'s historic ally is responsible.


  • Kesha Rogers Wins Again!
    The LaRouche Democrat repeated her 2010 victory in the Texas 22nd C.D. primary, despite heavy-handed sabotage by the Party.
  • Momentum Builds for Obama’s Ouster
    Kesha Rogers’ victory in Texas has shaken the Obama White House at a time when the President is desperately attempting to ensure his reelection.

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