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A Lesson from Wilhelm Furtwängler:
The World's Breakdown-Crisis Is Now
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
(BREAKING NEWS:) In the midst of my writing of this report, on Friday evening, May 25, 2012, the long-simmering general financial breakdown-crisis of the trans-Atlantic world (and also beyond) has now struck. In the United States itself, as elsewhere, this means that either the original Glass-Steagall law is now reinstalled, virtually immediately, or a world crisis virtually beyond belief is breaking out, probably, by Tuesday morning or soon thereafter, unless the intention to re-install the original Glass-Steagall law is installed, and that virtually immediately. Either way, the world as we have known it, is about to undergo a sudden and tremendous change.

(A Study in the Principles of Ontology)

The systemic error inherent in the formerly accustomed, but nevertheless errant view of mankind's powers of sense-perception, has been an effect which had been rooted in the quality of the following set of presumptions: First: the presumption, that the foundation of human experience is to be located primarily in what is presumed, mistakenly, to be the act of simply presumable, ``virtually self-evident'' sense-perception of objects of, implicitly, particular ``matter;'' and,
Second: the presumption that that, consequently, should be taken to be a standpoint from which we are to do the following...
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  • The End of Britain's 'Bail-Out'
    by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

    'Without an immediate installation, by political force of leading nations, of a transAtlantic equivalent of President Franklin Roosevelt's original 'Glass-Steagall' law, the nations of western and central Europe (and others) will become virtually 'far worse than merely financially extinct' during the presently onrushing collapse already underway,' LaRouche writes.
  • Spain Forced To Seek Bailout;
    Glass-Steagall Push Intensifies

    The announced, but yet-to-be disbursed, bailout of Spain's hopelessly bankrupt banks, will do nothing to resolve the crisis overtaking the entire transAtlantic financial system.


  • Pressure Builds To Throw Obama Out of Office Now!
    National security leaks from within the Administration are under investigation; Attorney General Holder faces contempt of Congress; Obama's macabre 'kill list'—all this and more, prompted Lyndon LaRouche's observation that 'Obama is on the edge of being finished.'
  • The LaRouche Slate:
    Glass-Steagall Put Back on the Agenda

    LaRouche Democrat Kesha Rogers' victory in the Democratic primary for Congress in Texas, and Diane Sare's campaign in New Jersey, combined with the multi-billiondollar derivatives loss by JPMorgan Chase, and the collapse of the banks of the Eurozone, have put the issue of restoring Glass-Steagall back on the front burner for the U.S. Congress.
  • Diane Sare:
    'I Am Proud To Have Stood for Truth'

    The LaRouche Democrat's statement following the New Jersey Congressional primary.

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