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What Is Whose Law?
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Sunday, June 17, 2012
Among his other qualities, virtually until the moment of his death, our republic's John Quincy Adams had been the greatest of American diplomats since Benjamin Franklin, and had remained as the former diplomat whose leadership had already established our republic as an efficient force from the Atlantic to Pacific coasts.
The treasonous British agents, led by U.S. President Andrew Jackson in his time, together with a cabal of British agents led and controlled by the already treason-saturated British agent and assassin, Aaron Burr, acted to destroy the Bank of the United States, and used that mechanism of treason which, in point of fact, created the process leading into the U.S. Civil War.
However, for some emotionally and otherwise confused observers, still today, it might have appeared to have been President John Quincy Adams who had caved in on his own 1828 re-election campaign. It might have appeared to any actually honest, but confused observer, that Adams had ``failed'' to destroy the pack of treasonous scoundrels. including Jackson himself, a pack associated with the Aaron Burr who was the British monarchy's leading spy, and also the assassin of Alexander Hamilton. It had been Jackson's prominent henchman, the highly culpable Martin Van Buren, who was to be awarded official blame for bankrupting of the United States by Jackson's accomplices in the Panic of 1837 (but it had been British agent Aaron Burr, who had led in crafting that dirty deed)...
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  • Watergate Process Advances;
    Get Obama Out by September!

    The smell of Watergate surrounds the Obama White House. As in the case of Nixon, it is not Obama's Constitutional crimes around which a consensus is developing to remove him from office—long before the November election— but the series of missteps and coverups, and general incompetence in which he has been caught.
  • Obama Killer Drones Scored by UN Official
    The Obama Administration, using the CIA and the Joint Special Operations Command, is carrying out targeted killings in countries with which it is not officially at war, using drone aircraft, without any accountability or oversight, or any explanation of the legal basis for the attacks.



  • Building the Europe of the Future:
    Common Development, Not a Debtors Union

    Helga Zepp-LaRouche gave this speech to the annual conference of the BüSo party in Frankfurt am Main on June 16. While giving a strategic overview of the global situation, she also presented highlights of the EIR offprint, 'There Is Life After the Euro! Program for an Economic Miracle in Southern Europe, the Mediterranean Region, and Africa,' now being translated into many languages.

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