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Curiosity, and the Triumph of the Noëtic Principle
Lyndon LaRouche was joined by LaRouchePAC Basement Team researchers Peter Martinson and Benjamin Deniston, for the Aug. 8 LPAC Weekly Report (http://larouchepac.com). Here is an edited transcript of their discussion.
Lyndon LaRouche: Good morning. I think we'll just start right here with you [to Martinson].
Peter Martinson: Okay. Well, this past week we had probably the most fantastic development in the Solar System with the landing of the Mars science laboratory. It's a pretty large rover which has landed on Mars, called Curiosity. But this is one of the most magnificent things that has happened in quite a while in our Solar System. It's an amazing rover: The observations it's going to make are absolutely fantastic. We have some ideas, but we don't know exactly what it's going to find. More of its importance resides in the mind of man, and what man is, because man is not a being of the senses. We have the physical stuff of our flesh and so forth; we have senses; we can look around and we can see things; we can feel things and so forth. We can develop new sense perceptions in order to sense more—like scales in order to weigh things, or telescopes, and things like that. But it is in none of those senses that the true stuff of man resides. Man is outside the senses and uses those senses in order to juxtapose them, to find what is really happening in the universe. But, what is generating those senses? Where are the processes that we don't see with our senses, that are causing those sense perceptions to happen? Now, the lander on Mars—the best way to look at it is that it's a miraculous sense organ ...
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