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Obama's Anti-Science Policy Endangers Planet Earth
This is an edited transcript of the LaRouchePAC Weekly Report of Aug. 15, 2012 (http://larouchepac.com/node/23641). Peter Martinson and Ben Deniston from the Basement Team joined Lyndon LaRouche.
Peter Martinson: First of all, the most important program that's underway in the world right now, is not really a program underway in the world: It's a Solar System program. We had this victory last week of the landing of the Mars Science Laboratory on Mars. But what I wanted to begin with, is a perspective from the White House. Several days ago, the President of the United States gave a call to JPL [NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California], and congratulated the Curiosity lander crew for their magnificent landing. On the one hand, it's a nice thing for a President to do. It's the third time that that's happened: Ford did it when they landed the Viking; Bush Jr. did it when the Spirit landed; and now, Obama did it. So, on the surface, it's a very good thing. But there's a big problem with how it was carried out. Obama said, ``This is a great thing''; he commented on the Mohawk guy; he said, ``Let me know when you find life up there,'' and ``I promise, I give you my commitment to ensure that you will continue to have the continued investments into this type of program, so that you can continue the type of work that you're doing.'' Now, he says this, in the midst of already having established the budget for NASA for 2013, which slashes, not just the manned space program—the manned space program is in a shambles right now in the United States, but also slashes the planetary space program, specifically slashing the Mars program by 40%, almost half! ...
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  • Obama's Anti-Science Policy Endangers Planet Earth
    In the LaRouchePAC Weekly Report of Aug. 15, Peter Martinson and Ben Deniston from the Basement Team joined Lyndon LaRouche for a discussion of what will be required to build on the tremendous breakthrough represented by NASA's successful landing of the Curiosity rover/scientific laboratory on Mars. The major stumbling block in driving this scientific achievement forward, including in developing a defense of Earth from galatic threats, is Obama himself. 'As long as you have Obama in office, you have zilch chance of saving civilization,' LaRouche declared.





  • 'Barack Obama's Crony':
    Cass R. Sunstein Departs
    by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

    The departure of Obama's Chicago and Harvard Law buddy, the behavioral economist Sunstein, still leaves in place a passel of similar scalawags, as well as Obama himself, and the nation prey to their murderous policies. LaRouche contrasts his exceptional successful economic forecasting method to that of those who have depended on 'established statistical trends.'


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