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Rhodes Forum:
A Dialogue of Civilizations For Unity in Diversity and Concern for Mankind's Future
by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The conference to mark the tenth anniversary of the World Public Forum ``Dialogue of Civilizations'' (WPFDC), which took place Oct. 3-8 in Rhodes,Greece, left no doubt in the minds of the participants: In one decade, an international movement has emerged, which is becoming one of the most important counterpoles to those seeking to force the world into a unipolar structure, be it through ``regime change'' or coercion of any other kind. Despite the variety of topics covered and the diversity of the world views represented, there emerged nonetheless a common identity among the majority of participants with respect to the philosophy of the forum, that includes dialogue as a means of conflict resolution, and the principle of respect for other civilizations and cultures.
It was not only the geographical proximity to the Middle East crisis--Rhodes is just ten nautical miles from the coast of Turkey--that drew the participants' attention to the acute danger of war. The conference opened with a video by MIT Prof. Noam Chomsky, who warned of the immediate threat to the entire world from an escalation of the tension around Iran, and even the danger of nuclear war. Chomsky pointed out that Israel had recently received advanced submarines from Germany, from which nuclear-tipped missiles can be fired. There could be little doubt that these submarines would join the vast U.S. armada that is now advancing through the Persian Gulf; an incident there could trigger a devastating war...
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  • Rhodes Forum—A Dialogue of Civilizations:
    For Unity in Diversity and Concern for Mankind's Future

    Oct. 3-8 marked the 10th World Public Forum 'Dialogue of Civilizations' in Rhodes. The discussions gave a foretaste of a future world community that has renounced once and for all the barbarous use of war as a means of conflict resolution. By Helga Zepp-LaRouche, a panelist in the forum.
    • A Vision for the Future of Humanity
      The presentation by Helga Zepp-LaRouche to the Rhodes Forum.
    • Russian, U.S., Chinese Address Rhodes Forum
      Excerpts from the keynote speech by Vladimir Yakunin (Russia), World Public Forum (WPF) founding president and president of the Russian Railways company, titled 'Diversity of Civilizations as a Vehicle for Attaining Successful Global Changes'; from a speech at last year's Forum by WPF co-chairman Prof. Fred Dallmayr (U.S.A.), University of Notre Dame, which was circulated at the 2012 forum to identify 'Who Are We? What Is WPF-Dialogue of Civilizations?'; and from a paper by Prof. Sienho Yee (China), Wuhan University, on 'The International Law of Co-Progressiveness and the Co-Progressiveness of Civilizations.'




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    Davis, vice-president of the California Farmers Union, is active with the California Dairy Campaign, an affiliate of the CFU. He comes from a family dairy farm background, and currently operates a vineyard in northern California.


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