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The Future in Science:
The Coming of the End of the Cult of Sense-Deception
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

October 14, 2012—It is now a presently urgent subject of study for mankind, that we must examine, most critically, certain presumptions which have been continued to have been rather widely mistaken for a suitable quality of basis for a contemporary ``science.'' I emphasize, thus, the cases of those presumptions which have been intended by their proponents to serve as reflecting the mistakenly presumed ``realities'' of what is merely the outcome of an aggregation of what is presumed, in turn, to be an axiomatic authority of what are merely raw sense-perceptions.
By that statement, presented in high regard for the genius of Bernhard Riemann, I mean to include a certain degree of respect for persons who have been induced to limit themselves, to the extent that they are assured, that nothing proceeds explicitly further in evil, than the reductionist mathematician's presumptions of what have been, essentially, the misconceived ``principles'' of sense-perception itself.
The possibility of an actual science fit for today's needs now requires something much better than persons afflicted with outworn, pragmatic limitations. The experimentally truthful knowledge traced from roots in the principles of Nicholas of Cusa and his follower Johannes Kepler, which is typified by emphasis on what has remained, in fact, as the true foundations of all competent modern science, is in opposition to all reductionist novelties uttered since that time.
That presumes, again, that the foundations of principle associated with the discoveries of Nicholas of Cusa, and Johannes Kepler's uniquely original discovery of the universal physical principle of Vicarious Hypothesis, is the principle on which the original discovery, by Johannes Kepler, of the true physical principle of gravitation, had depended....
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  • The Future in Science:
    The Coming of the End of the Cult of Sense-Deception
    by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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