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A Thesis Carrying a Uniquely Original Message:
The End for Dummies!
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

October 18, 2012 —Several Opening Points Urgently To Be Considered:
1. The estimated ability of mankind to continue to live under the presently reigning, but evolving conditions of our present Sun, is by no means a kind of arrangement designed to endure simply forever. As some academic estimates which had been kicked about among physical-science circuits, have indicated, there is an estimated range of about two billions years, until the Sun ``explodes,'' or, a much earlier doom for human beings still remaining on Earth would occur.
2. Nonetheless, if there is no evidence, yet, that the human species itself, even if not also our present Sun, might actually become capable of outliving such kinds of currently ``guess-timated'' dates, that remains a possible option until shown otherwise.all On this account, mankind is already known to us as being, intrinsically, unlike any other species known to us as presently existing now, or having existed. Mankind is essentially unlike all other living creatures presently known to us here on Earth; mankind is, for us presently, the only known case of a form of life which has actually voluntarily creative capabilities. The practical challenge to be considered for our references, here, is: ``Should we believe that our species, with its uniquely, categorical noëtic abilities, might, therefore, be capable of continuing to survive indefinitely?'
3. I present these introductory points on that account from where I am now situated on certain, admittedly on ``shaky'' evidence, but evidence which is, nonetheless, sound argument. The systemic distinction of the already established ``history'' of our speciesall, is that of a species which is biologically unique, a species which is presently contrasted, thus, to all others presently known to us....
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  • A Thesis Carrying a Uniquely Original Message:
    The End for Dummies!

    Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. writes that 'The case of 'Curiosity,' when appropriately assessed, should generate the effect of a shocking change, for the sake of which society must now profoundly redefine its outlook respecting almost everything, on Earth, and under the Sun. . . . The necessary effect should be a powerful effect of a happy discovery, a discovery which has been adopted by people who have come, really, to know what constitutes a really important discovery of a sweepingly new quality in viewing the future of our species. 'In the history of the human species, that is the way we should read our experiences. It is the experience which should define for others, both what the members of our species really are, or have merely chosen to be, or, what we might come to discover, later, even much later, that we really have been heretofore.'



  • LaRouche:
    Dump the Parties, Put Recovery Program in Now

    With the clock ticking to Election Day, Lyndon LaRouche gave two webcasts, stressing the need to dump Obama and institute a new, non-party political system. Hillary Clinton can play a crucial role, if she chooses to do so.
  • On Election Eve:
    Benghazi Lies Blow Up in Obama's Face

    New revelations show that the Administration knew perfectly well that the attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya was a terrorist assault, not a spinoff of some non-existent demonstration. Further, there were U.S. rapid-reaction forces ready to intervene, but they were told to stand down.
  • Brzezinski:
    Don't Back Syrian Rebels

    Strong words from Zbigniew Brzezinksi, the former antiSoviet hawk who, as Carter Administration National Security Advisor, helped create the rebel mujahideen in Afghanistan.




  • Thomas Pringle
    Pringle is an Independent member of the Irish Dáil (parliament), and an opponent of the European Stability Mechanism, the new perpetual bailout for the banks.


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