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The Post-Election Prospects—

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Lyndon LaRouche gave this webcast presentation Nov. 9, as part of his ongoing series of Friday evening webcasts, and his first following the Nov. 6 Presidential election. The event was moderated by LaRouchePAC editor Matthew Ogden, and a dialogue with viewers and listeners follows the keynote address, in which LPAC's Leandra Bernstein and Jason Ross joined the discussion. The complete webcast is archived at larouchepac.com/webcasts2012.
We've come into a point where the Obama Administration, and the outgoing, or not successful, Republican candidate, and Obama, have had the same rotten, stupid policy—which, unless they change that, is what they will do. But I do not discount the possibility of their changing their line, under the current conditions.
What's going to happen is, that both parties, in going into the final period of the campaign, have committed themselves to a program of supporting business interests, or the equivalent of business interests, at the expense of the rest of the economy. Now when we consider the fact that actual productive work has collapsed to a minimum in the U.S. economy, that people may be employed but they're employed with make-work, not really productive work—and that's a key problem. And with a business oriented-only kind of thing, it means that a terrible thing will happen to the U.S. economy and its people, if either of these were to be elected.
Now, one has been chosen—Obama—to be the next President of the United States, as well as the present one. And that would be a catastrophe, ...
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  • LaRouche Webcast:
    The Post-Election Prospects—Your Options Now

    Lyndon LaRouche's first post-election Friday webcast: 'What's important about this presentation today, and about the presentations that will be made in the coming weeks, on the same schedule, is, not that we're going to qualify what has happened—I've already just said that. We're going to qualify what is about to happen. . . . What will happen in the United States is typified by what happened in New York City, but also the adjoining regions of that section, where people are still dying of the errors made by, in particular, the Obama Administration. . . .'


  • British Out To Detonate Middle East Explosion
    No sooner had President Obama secured his reelection, than British Prime Minister Cameron moved to pull the Middle East trigger on a global war, announcing plans to escalate the military campaign to overthrow Syrian President Assad.




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