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Greater Mideast:
Trigger for War or New Development Era

Dec. 1—With each passing day, the danger of escalation to global thermonuclear war is growing, starting from the powder-keg of Southwest Asia. NATO officials are surveying the terrain in Turkey to decide where to station U.S. Patriot III missiles, which could be used to create a ``no-fly'' zone in Syria; France, the U.K., and other countries have recognized the new Syrian National Coalition as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people—even though neither the Syrian people nor the government were consulted and even some key rebel groups reject it; the U.S. is threatening that Iran has to ``cooperate'' on the nuclear power issue by March—or else. In this context, the Schiller Institute's conference near Frankfurt, Germany, on Nov. 24-25, was an especially important effort to reverse the trajectory toward war. Titled ``A New Paradigm for the Survival of Civilization,'' it was keynoted by institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche, whose speech we published last week, along with a videotaped presentation by Lyndon LaRouche.
Zepp-LaRouche described the centuries of imperial manipulation behind the crises in Southwest Asia, and summarized the Schiller Institute's intention: ``What we propose concretely is an economic development plan for the entire region of Southwest Asia.... Rather than this area becoming the cockpit of the thermonuclear destruction of the planet, we should make it one of the most prosperous and well-developed regions of the world.'' ...
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  • Global Showdown Goes into Deadly New Phase
    The Obama Administration is working out final details of the next-phase escalation in the U.S./NATO drive to overthrow Syria's Assad government. At the same time, the planned deployment of Patriot III missiles in Turkey will be seen as an act of war by Russia and China, one they cannot accept.
  • Not Fit for Public Office:
    Defeat Susan Rice for Her Genocide in Africa

    In addition to Rice's lying about the terrorist attack in Benghazi, her mass-murderous activities in Africa, going back 20 years, render her grossly unqualified to hold any high office, including that of Secretary of State.


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