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An Economy Restored:
The End to `Bail-Out'!
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

December 6, 2012 —From the outset of his appearance on my personal horizon, Vice-President Harry S Truman was a man whose principal personal successes in office, had been his participation in several varieties of what are fairly identified as bad things done against the vital interests of the people of our United States. On this account, there is an essentially elementary principle of economy which demonstrates exactly how a set of London-directed, Wall Street interests' sometime hat-peddler, Truman, had been used to betray our nation with his economic shell-games deployed against the legacy of the United States' President Franklin D. Roosevelt. On this account, as O.S.S.'s William J. Donovan knew, and confided to one of his trusted colleagues at the close of his own last visit to the office of a dying President Franklin D. Roosevelt: what had been the truly great U.S.A., under Franklin Roosevelt, was now about to be ruined another time. I was not present at that occasion; but, a relevant later colleague of mine was. The great moment of the life of the United States, which Franklin Roosevelt had represented, would not be experienced soon again. Unfortunately, it now appears—I emphasize ``appears,'' that very few among the current members of the U.S. Congress today, particularly the Demoncrats, have been willing to discuss exactly how the Truman swindle worked against the United States, as it did, nor how a U.S. economy had been restored, later, for a few years, through principles expressed under the Presidency of Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt's choice of Presidential candidate, John F. Kennedy....
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  • An Economy Restored:
    The End to 'Bail-Out'!

    Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., takes up the case of President Harry Truman, and how that 'Londondirected, Wall Street interests' sometime hatpeddler' was used to betray our nation with his 'economic shell-games deployed against the legacy of the President Franklin D. Roosevelt.' Unfortunately, he writes, few among the Congress today have been willing to discuss exactly how the Truman Presidency wrecked the economy then, nor how it was briefly restored under President John F. Kennedy, nor how it entered its 50-year decline after Kennedy's assassination. 'I wish to show you, now, how political swindlers in the likeness of such as Truman and Nixon, or the evil Andrew Jackson earlier, must be defeated, and our republic thus resurrected.'


  • LaRouche Webcast:
    No to the Green Policy; Revive Our Credit System

    Restoration of the Glass-Steagall Act is the essential first step to preventing the United States from going bankrupt, but by itself, 'it cannot do anything miraculous in terms of changing things,' Lyndon LaRouche said at his Friday Webcast on Dec. 7. The deeper changes required to put the economy on the right track necessitate an understanding of a credit system, as conceived by Alexander Hamilton and other economists of the American System—not the British free-trade system.



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