Volume 39, Number 17, April 27, 2012


British Try To Save $9 Trillions by Killing Billions  

by Dennis Small

The IMF, Britain’s planetary policeman for fascist economic policies, issued its semi-annual Global Financial Stability Report in mid-April, warning of an imminent $3.8 trillion meltdown of Eurozone banks. But a senior finance ministry official attending the meeting told EIR that an earlier draft version, seen by the source, concluded that at least $9 trillion would be needed to bail out the private European banks this year. As Lyndon LaRouche has repeatedly warned, the entire trans-Atlantic system is hopelessly bankrupt.

Antonio Maria Costa: Former UNODC Head Talks About Drugs in the World Banking System  

by Andrew Spannaus

Dr. Costa has been at the center of efforts for almost 30 years that have investigated the interface between organized crime and banking, particularly efforts on money laundering.

UN Drug Office: Dope Cash Rescued Banks

by Antonio Maria Costa

Offshore Banking Centers Are British

Costa: Drug Legalization Is New Opium War

by Antonio Maria Costa


Unless Obama Policy Is Dumped: The Lives of 30 Million Africans Hang in the Balance

by Marcia Merry Baker

Emergency food aid and high-tech water and agroindustrial projects are now a life-or-death requirement for 30 million people from the West Sahel through the Horn of Africa. Yet leading trans-Atlantic government officials are merely spouting sentimental rhetoric; they are condoning genocide by failing to take the measures needed.

Battle Against ESM Expands Across Europe

The German Bundestag is scheduled to approve the Fiscal Compact and the European Stability Mechanism on May 25. Thus, only a few weeks remain for the opponents of this codification of bank bailouts and austerity to mobilize to stop it. But, resistance is growing.

Argentina Flanks the Empire, Re-Nationalizes YPF Oil Firm

by Cynthia R. Rush

Argentine President Fernández’s announcement that she had signed a decree expropriating 51% of the formerly state-owned YPF company, held by the Spanish oil firm Repsol since 1998, has enraged the financiers of London and Wall Street, who are howling that she has “broken the rules!”


Obama in Flight-Forward: Thermonuclear War Danger Grows over Syria, Iran  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

The U.S. Navy, under orders from President Obama, is scrambling to pre-position sufficient military forces into the Persian Gulf region to launch an attack on Iran between now and early Autumn. And, there is no confidence among top U.S. military brass that the President is paying attention to their opposition to any such action.

French Elections: Cheminade Launches 100 Candidate Slate To Rally National Resistance

As the results of the April 22 first round of the Presidential elections in France were announced, Jacques Cheminade and scores of his campaign workers were focussing on the mission ahead—to consolidate a movement of national resistance.

Russian Website on LaRouche’s SDI


Emergency Resolution: Glass-Steagall, National Banking, and NAWAPA XXI  

The LaRouche Political Action Committee has initiated a nationwide mobilization to win support this emergency resolution to the U.S. Congress.

Panetta Testimony Reaffirms Need for Rep. Walter Jones’ Impeachment Bill

by Nancy Spannaus

Obama Robs Americans of the Future: Shuttle Opened the Next Space Frontier

by Marsha Freeman

Thousands of people came to the nation’s capital to witness the retirement of the Shuttle because it reminded them that space exploration defines the task for the future, a future that is being stolen by the Obama Administration.

Music & Culture

Classical Music: The Highest Expression of Creativity

The Schiller Institute conference in Berlin on Feb. 25-26 closed with a panel on “The Coming Humanist Renaissance,” introduced by Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

LaRouche: Classical Music and Scientific Discovery

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Art and the Logos

by Antonella Banaudi

Four Generations in a Family of Musicians

by Raymond Björling

Thinking Without Words

by Shawna Halevy


Dr. Antonio Maria Costa  

Antonio Maria Costa was the Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (2002-10). In 2009, he stated in an interview, that massive cash flows from the global narcotics trade were brought into the banking system to rescue banks after the interbank money markets shut down.


Has Civilization ‘Peaked’?