Volume 39, Number 23, June 8, 2012


There Is Life After the Euro! An Economic Miracle for South Europe and the Mediterranean!  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

“One might well paraphrase the title of Francisco Goya’s famous etching to describe the result of the European Union’s current policies: ‘The sleep of economic reason has produced monsters,’” writes Helga Zepp-LaRouche, in her introduction on how to overcome the disintegration of the Euro economy. By adopting a Glass-Steagall standard, a process of recovery and rebirth can begin.

Greece and a Marshall Plan for the Mediterranean Basin

by Dean Andromidas

Spain: The World Land-Bridge’s Bridge to African Development

by Dennis Small

The Rebirth of Italy’s Mezzogiorno Means a New Renaissance in Italy

Africa Pass: Afro-Mediterranean Revolutionary Project

by Hussein Askary

The Transaqua Project: Beginning of an African Rebirth

by Portia Tarumbwa-Strid

North Africa: From Roudaire’s ‘Inland Sea’ Project to the Blue Nile

by Yves Paumier

What Europe Can Learn from Argentina

by Cynthia R. Rush

A German ‘Economic Miracle’ for Europe and the Entire World

by Kasia Kruczkowski


The Houla Massacre: U.S. Military, Russia, Reject Obama’s Drive for Syria War  

by Michele Steinberg and Jeffrey Steinberg

The people of the Syrian town of Houla were not killed by the Syrian government’s tanks, a fact that, thanks to the emergency actions of the Russian government, and the report of Gen. Robert Mood, head of the UN Observer Mission in Syria, has averted a full-scale war, for now.

Upholding the Constitution: Rep. Jones Escalates Fight for HCR 107

Jones has issued a “Dear Colleague” letter to urge his fellow members of Congress to support his Resolution which requires the President to gain Congressional approval before committing the nation to war—or face impeachment.

Capitol Hill Forum: Face the Truth on Afghanistan!

by Carl Osgood

Dissident U.S. Army Lt. Col. Daniel Davis, who has written a scathing critique of the Obama Administration’s Afghanistan strategy, briefed the bipartisan Out of Afghanistan Caucus, on Capitol Hill May 31.


European Bankers Panic, Admit System Is Doomed  

by Nancy Spannaus

The leading international bankers finally publicly agreed with LaRouche and EIR: In Europe, an absolute breaking point has been reached. The problem is that the bankers are determined to replace the current bankrupt system with Weimar-style hyperinflation and a global financial dictatorship.

Obama Hand in Haiti’s Cholera Genocide

by Cynthia R. Rush

As predicted, Haiti is again in the grip of a cholera upsurge. And President Obama’s malign neglect of the U.S.A.’s historic ally is responsible.


Kesha Rogers Wins Again!  

by Harley Schlanger and Nancy Spannaus

The LaRouche Democrat repeated her 2010 victory in the Texas 22nd C.D. primary, despite heavy-handed sabotage by the Party.

Momentum Builds for Obama’s Ouster

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Kesha Rogers’ victory in Texas has shaken the Obama White House at a time when the President is desperately attempting to ensure his reelection.


The Glass-Steagall Imperative