Volume 39, Number 25, June 22, 2012


Why the Empire Destroyed the U.S. Second National Bank  

by Nancy Spannaus

Nancy Spannaus’s introduction to our Feature package on the dependence of the historical commitment of the Founders and their immediate followers, on the principle of a credit system as embodied in the First and Second National Banks, under which the young United States became the world’s preeminent industrial power.

The American Industrial Revolution that Andrew Jackson Sought To Destroy

by Anton Chaitkin

Using primary sources, History Editor Anton Chaitkin brings to life the true story as to why the Jacksonian populists, backed by Wall Street and London, wanted to destroy the Second Bank of the United States: They wanted to destroy the greatest increase in scientific and industrial development that world had ever seen. There was no popular uprising against the Bank, only British-backed treason.

The Survey Act of 1824

by Pamela Lowry


Obama, Brits Escalate Confrontation with Russia  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

President Putin stood his ground during the G-20 summit in Mexico: During his tense two-hour meeting with President Obama, he refused to make concessions on the removal of Syrian President Assad, and forced the U.S. President to sign a joint statement, reiterating the two countries’ support for the UN-Annan mission.

Eyewitness Report from Syria: Rebel Killings Are Blamed on Regime

From a French-language report dated April 1, covering atrocities against civilian populations, refugees, and religious minorities by Syrian opposition militias, in Qara, Syria.

Ivanov Blasts Drug Legalization; Underscores Role of British MI-6

Speaking at the World Forum Against Drugs in Stockholm, Viktor Ivanov, head of Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service, charged that the push for legalization of narcotics “is directly or indirectly related to enormous drug business income, estimated by experts at $800 billion per year.”


London Hyperinflation Policy Opposed to Glass-Steagall  

by Paul Gallagher

The attempted bailout of Spanish banks’ debt backfired spectacularly. It is now a matter of a short time before a desperate City of London imposes a policy of deliberate hyperinflation on all the trans-Atlantic nations including the United States—or, those nations re-enact FDR’s Glass-Steagall law.

Appeal to Governments and Parliaments: Glass-Steagall Now!

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Wildfires Ravage Nine U.S. States: The American West Is Burning Without NAWAPA XXI

by Marcia Merry Baker

Without the NAWAPA XXI great water infrastructure project, as developed by LaRouche PAC, the vulnerability of the arid states of the Western U.S. to wildfires will not be abated. Meanwhile, the Obama Administration continues to stonewall, as thousands of square miles of forests and woodlands are destroyed in the inferno.

Japan: Sanity, Not Anti-Nuclear Suicide

by Michael O. Billington

The Japanese government has announced a welcome about-face in favor of reopening its nuclear power plants, after they were shut down following the Fukushima disaster.


The Ruler Can Not Actually Measure Itself: Beyond Sense-Perception  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“The common mistake has been the heretofore customary failure to recognize, that that which Wilhelm Furtwängler had demonstrated, is that sense-perceptions, when considered merely as such, express, in and of themselves, that which, like metaphor as such, is merely a reality lurking within shadows, like Kepler’s vicarious hypotheses.”


The Watergate Stench Gets Worse