Volume 39, Number 34, August 31, 2012


Edward Teller Was Right at Erice: The Threat Against Mankind  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“At this present moment, there are two mutually contradictory options respecting the continued survival of the human species”: the lurch toward global thermonuclear war, centered on the strategic policies of President Obama; or the alternative of LaRouche’s three-point program. However, LaRouche writes, the successful landing on Mars of the Curiosity rover brings us to the threshold of a new age for mankind, in which we can secure the continued existence of our species, and its future out into the Solar System and beyond.

The Power of Ideas: LaRouche’s SDI Changed the World

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Jeffrey Steinberg’s 1993 speech to a conference on the 10th anniversary of the SDI.

Dr. Edward Teller: Science Can End the Age of Nuclear Terror

by Dr. Edward Teller

Erice 1983: Reagan, Teller, Wood Intervene for Mankind

How the SDI Was Created: LaRouche’s Method and ‘New Physical Principles’

by Jonathan Tennenbaum

World News

It’s Obama Who Is Pushing Toward Thermonuclear War  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Lyndon LaRouche’s 2009 warning that Barack Obama is a pathological narcissist in the image of Emperor Nero, has proved right in spades: His illegal regime-change war in Libya; the extra-judicial assassinations of American citizens; the drone killings, all point to the need to remove him from office now.

Military Experts Provide Alternative to Obama’s War

by Tony Papert

Harvard defense analyst Graham Allison sounds the alarm about the danger of a U.S.-Russian nuclear confrontation, in a Financial Times op-ed, entitled “Thucydides’ trap has been sprung in the Pacific.” He offers an alternative: “Mutual Assured Stability.”

The EU’s Bank Bailout Policies Are Murdering Europe’s People  

by Dean Andromidas

The EU policy of bailing out the banks in hopes of “saving” the euro is destroying the only basis for eventual recovery: Europe’s people. The most critical case now is Greece, but Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Italy are close behind.

Economist Demands Schacht Solution for Euro

Budget Sequestration: Obama’s Coup Against Congress Gathers Steam

by Carl Osgood

If Congress fails to pass a budget which includes over $1 trillion in cuts, then the mechanism known as “sequestration” will swing through the entire discretionary budget like an axe—and it will be Americans whose blood will be shed.

Profiles in Courage: Rachel Brown Fights for Kennedy’s Legacy

by Matthew Ogden

LaRouche Democrat Rachel Brown, who became nationally famous for dispatching Barney Frank during the 2010 Congressional campaign, in a video that went viral, is running again in the Massachusetts Democratic Primary where her opponent is Joe Kennedy III, grandson of Robert Kennedy.

Obama’s War Crimes: Drone War on Pakistan


SDI Today!: Next, Beyond Mars  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The successful landing of Curiosity on Mars, presents us with a matter of grave urgency: “that what has been mistreated as ‘empty space’ is filled with what must now be considered as deadly, and some more or less immediately mortal threats to the continued existence of our human species, threats which we must prepare ourselves to evade or overcome otherwise.”


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