Volume 39, Number 35, September 7, 2012



When Democracy Becomes Tyranny: A Warning to Patriots  

by Nancy Spannaus

Will the United States, even the world, survive the Presidency of that “democrat” Barack Obama? asks Nancy Spannaus, who reviews the case against “democracy,” drawing on American and world history, to show that the manipulation of citizens by “popular opinion,” also known as “democracy,” is at least as old as ancient Greece, viz. the judicial murder of Socrates by the mob. Today, we have the British imperial puppet Obama, who, like the traitor Andrew Jackson before him, appeals to the “popular will,” while trampling on the principles embedded in our Constitution.

LaRouche: ‘Democracy Is Not a Rational Solution’

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Jeremy Bentham’s Public Opinion Tribunal

by Jeffrey Steinberg

LaRouche: ‘Public Opinion Is Fatal Stupidity’

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.


Joint Chiefs, LPAC Take Lead In Drive To Stop World War  

by Jeffrey Steinberg

As foolish Democrats were herded into the Convention to renominate Obama, LaRouche PAC released a video documentary titled “Unsurvivable,” which presents a frightening but true picture of the threat of thermonuclear war and its consequences, as the centerpiece of a mobilization to defeat those plans. LaRouche PAC’s campaign dovetails with the war-avoidance efforts of top military figures in the U.S. as well as Russia and China.


Europe’s Choice: A Two-Tier Banking System or World War  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

One section of the financial establishment is convinced that only flooding the markets with liquidity will prevent immediate collapse, ensure Obama’s re-election. Another section is afraid that the resulting hyperinflation will sink Obama. Either way, without a shift to a Glass-Steagall system, the world is headed toward global war.

Glass-Steagall Option Raised at Jackson Hole Bankers’ Meet  

by Paul Gallagher

The furious wrangling at this year’s Jackson Hole confab, over what to do about the unsalvageable world financial system is nothing new; what is new, is that, for the first time at this internationally followed banking policy conference, there were several strong supporters of restoring FDR’s Glass-Steagall Act present. Paul Gallagher reports.

Russia Prepares To Develop the Arctic as Earth’s Next Great Project

by William C. Jones

The Russian government under President Vladimir Putin has laid out an ambitious program for the development of its extensive Arctic region, in what should be an object of collaboration with the United States, another Arctic nation.

Russian Government Gears Up for APEC Summit

by Rachel Douglas


Rep. Walter Jones to Obama: ‘Abide by Our Constitution’  

Congressman Jones, after introducing a resolution threatening impeachment should Obama continue his anti-Constitutional wars, has written directly to the President, calling on him to honor the Constitution he has sworn to uphold.

The Word Is Out: Patriots Cannot Vote for Killer Obama

Former Reagan Administration official Bruce Fein, and legal scholar Jonathan Turley have each published opinion pieces denouncing President Obama for his crimes against the Constitution.


Neil Armstrong: 1930-2012 The Mission and the Man

by Marsha Freeman

Apollo astronaut Neil Armstrong, the first man to leave footprints on the Moon, died on Aug. 25. In later years, Armstrong, who shunned publicity, came forward to challenge the Obama Administration’s deadly cuts in the space program budget.

Interview: Marsha Freeman: Curiosity Is a Game-Changer; Will There Be Future Missions?


Lyndon LaRouche at 90