Volume 39, Number 47, November 30, 2012


Schiller Institute Conference: A New Paradigm for the Survival of Civilization  

EIR begins its coverage of the two-day international conference in Germany Nov. 24-25, attended by 300 participants from 25 countries.

Only a Complete Change in Paradigm Can Avoid Catastrophe  

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

The Schiller Institute chairwoman’s keynote speech to the conference, with a substantial selection of the graphics used. Zepp-LaRouche called for a Marshall Plan for the region stretching from Central Asia to the Gulf, and from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean, as the alternative to economic catastrophe and war.

The Crucial Issue of This Crisis  

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

LaRouche’s videotaped address to the conference.


Will Obama’s Re-Election Ensure World War III?  

by Nancy Spannaus

That rhetorical question is answered in an emphatic affirmative—unless there is a dramatic shift back from the brink which Obama and his British controllers have led us to. Nancy Spannaus reviews the escalation of tension on the Turkey-Syria border where NATO is currently planning to locate a Patriot missile system. And the Russians are not taking it laying down.

Afghan Warlords Prepare for Another Civil War

by Ramtanu Maitra

After 11 years of war, during which thousands were killed, and trillions of dollars were spent, the U.S. and NATO allies will leave behind in Afghanistan a country which resembles the same condition it was in in 1989, when the defeated Soviet troops marched home.

Russia Remains a Target of MI6-Aided Londonistan Terrorists

by Ramtanu Maitra

Members of the banned Islamist terrorist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, which is headquartered in the U.K., and working to establish a Caliphate, are operating against Russia, under the protection of the British intelligence agency MI6.


A Coming Showdown Over Restoring Glass-Steagall  

by Paul Gallagher

While Congress obsesses over the suicidal “fiscal cliff,” Wall Street is sending clear signals that it is worried about a coming showdown over restoration of Glass-Steagall, the real key to turning around the economic collapse. Paul Gallagher reports.

‘We Let Them Starve’

by G. and E. Neudecker

A review of a new German-language book, Wir lassen sie verhungern: Die Massenvernichtung in der Dritten Welt (We Let Them Starve: Mass Extermination in the Third World), by Jean Ziegler, an advisor to the UN on food issues.


The Strategic Defense of Earth: Asteroid Defense and Fusion Propulsion  

by Ben Deniston

Two members of the LaRouche PAC Basement Research Team, Benjamin Deniston and Jason Ross, attended the Fall 2012 NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Symposium, Nov. 14-15, 2012, held in Hampton, Va., and conducted interviews with scientists there.

SDE: Hypervelocity Asteroid Deflection

An interview at the NIAC conference with Professors Brent Barbee and Bong Wie.

Developing Fusion Rockets To Go to Mars

An interview with John Slough, president of MSNW.


FDR’s Hurley Memorandum: Free Iran from British Imperialism

by Anton Chaitkin

Exactly 69 years ago, the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt, was engaged in plans to liberate the world, especially the nations of Asia, Southwest Asia, and Africa, from the deadly grip of the British Empire. A key part of that effort was FDR’s plan for post-war Iran. Historian Anton Chaitkin reports.

FDR’s Memorandum to Secretary Cordell Hull

Includes an exchange of letters between FDR and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Gen. Patrick Hurley to President Roosevelt


Will We Let Insanity Reign?