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The Levee Breaks:
2013, a Year of Great Decisions
by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Noble friend!
Where may the peace be started,
Where's the refuge place where freedom flew?
First one century in storm departed,
Then with murder opens up the new.

These opening lines of Schiller's poem ``The Advent of the New Century''—based this time on the New Year 2013—come to mind when, given the dramatic changes at year's end, one attempts to conceive of what the new year may bring. One thing is certain: the failure of past policies, both in terms of the strategic situation, and the deregulation of the financial system. In both respects, the dam is bursting.
Among the most important developments at year's end is the announcement of the unholy alliances that the governments of Britain and the United States have concluded, to further the policy of regime change. An investigatory commission of the United Nations on the situation in Syria reported to a press conference in Brussels, which received worldwide attention, that the so-called opposition in Syria now consists of fighters from 29 countries. Media in India, Lebanon, and Russia, as well as countless web portals, covered the fact that the U.S. and U.K. have systematically armed groupings and offshoots of al-Qaeda, in order to put regime change in motion in Libya and Syria. And it turned out that the great ``humanitarian intervention'' in Libya to remove Qaddafi was, in reality, an action in support of al-Qaeda groups in Benghazi....

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  • Wall Street, London Held Off Glass-Steagall— for 2012
    A British poll shows more than 60% of Members of Parliament would support a Glass-Steagall law. It is likely that a similar majority of the U.S. Congress would agree. But fierce opposition from Obama, Geithner, and the Wall Street/ London banksters has, so far, prevented a reinstatement of the FDR-era act.
  • A Pecora Moment?
    German Authorities Take on Deutsche Bank

    Until recently, Deutsche Bank was considered a sacred cow within Germany—untouchable. Now that's all over, and an investigation into the bank, à la the 1930s U.S. Pecora Commision, is being mooted.



  • The Larger Horror Behind the Sandy Hook Massacre
    The cause of the horror which has devastated hundreds of lives, and shocked the nation, has to be looked at deep within our culture, indeed, within ourselves. Nancy Spannaus reports. 35 Mayors Report More Hunger, Homelessness A review of the U.S. Conference of Mayors annual 'Survey on Hunger and Homelessness in America's Cities.'

Conference Report

  • Africa Pass:
    A Revolutionary Concept for Africa and the Mediterranean

    A speech by Ahman Rsheed, a Cairo engineer, continues our coverage of the Schiller Institute's Nov. 24-25, 2012 conference in Germany. 'I believe that this project has good prospects for growth, prosperity, and advancement, not only for the Egyptian people, but also the people of nine other African nations, and also many countries in Europe and Asia,' he said.
  • The 'Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam'
    In his speech to the conference, Mulugeta Zewdie Michael, the Ethiopian Consul General to Frankfurt, discussed a proposal to unite and develop the nine nations of Nile Basin Initiative around the great project of the Renaissance Dam.
  • The British Empire vs. Leibnizian Development
    EIR Asia specialist Michael Billington, in his address to the conference, located the origins of the World Land-Bridge in Leibniz's vision, as presented in his Novissima Sinica.

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