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Britain's Blair Demands a Thirty Years War
by Jeffrey Steinberg

Feb. 3—Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair gave an interview to BBC today, in which he called for a ``generation of war'' against al-Qaeda and other jihadist groups all over the globe. Blair compared the global war on terrorism to the 45-year Cold War between the West and the Soviet Union, and heaped praise on French President François Hollande for deploying French troops to Mali to beat back a jihadist insurgency that was purportedly threatening to take over the country's capital Bamaka. His statement directly reflected the British Empire's policy of ``permanent war''—which, under current circumstances, is leading to thermonuclear confrontation with Russia and China, in an attempt to crush their sovereign independence.
Blair neglected to mention that both Britain and the United States have been fueling this permanent war, by allying with al-Qaeda and other Anglo/Saudi-backed jihadists in the overthrow of Qaddafi in Libya and in the ongoing effort to overthrow the Assad government in Syria. The former prime minister is the author of the doctrine of the ``post-Westphalian'' permanent global war doctrine, and has been a key controller of President Obama on behalf of the British Crown.
It is no coincidence that the escalation towards general war comes at a moment when the trans-Atlantic financial system is reaching a hyperinflationary breaking point. A decrepit financial empire is seeking to hold on to power, by spreading chaos and war among its potential challengers....

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