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Asteroid Impact Over Russia:
SDE Proposal Grips the World
by Benjamin Deniston

Feb. 17—In the Fall of 2011, it was leaked that Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozin was proposing a joint U.S.-Russian effort to protect the planet from the threat of both nuclear missile strikes, and asteroid and comet impacts. By calling his proposal the Strategic Defense of Earth, Rogozin clearly reflected the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) program of Lyndon LaRouche, the late physicist Edward Teller, and President Ronald Reagan. LaRouche and his associates immediately responded in full support of an open technology-driver program for the defense of Earth in the spirit of the SDI.
In contrast, President Barack Obama has continued his pursuit of a U.S./NATO strategic advantage over Russia and China, with the European ABM system and the ``Pacific pivot,'' driving the world towards thermonuclear war.
In immediate response to the asteroid impact over Russia on Feb. 15, 2013, Rogozin reiterated his proposal for cooperation, saying that neither Russia nor the United States presently has the capability to defend the Earth from these threats, and there needs to be an international effort. He cited the key roles of Russia, the U.S., China, and Europe. Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev has reportedly tasked Rogozin to put together a program for both detecting threatening objects in advance, and ensuring they don't hit the Earth.
The chairman of the Russian State Duma International Affairs Committee, Alexei Pushkov, called for an international effort to defend the Earth from asteroids...
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