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Emerging Bipartisan Alliance:
End the Imperial Presidency
by Edward Spannaus

March 12—The highly successful ``talking filibuster'' mounted by Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on March 6, exposed the fragmentation of the two-party system which has ruled the United States since the Andrew Jackson Presidency, and marked the emergence of a new, bipartisan alliance against the imperial Presidency of Barack Obama. While the filibuster was ostensibly aimed at forcing the White House to respond to issues surrounding the nomination of John Brennan as CIA Director, Paul made clear that he was in fact addressing deeper Constitutional issues. In the wake of Paul's action, the news media was full of talk of how he had ``scrambled the politics of left and right''
(New York Times); ``forced Washington slightly off its axis'' and ``revealed some surprising alliances and divisions on Capitol Hill'' (Washington Post); and exposed ``deepening divisions within Republican ranks'' (Washington Times)—just to name a few examples.
But, Lyndon LaRouche cut to the chase, highlighting the deeper significance of the week's events, in his Friday, March 8 weekly webcast. Since Andrew Jackson was brought into power, LaRouche said, we have not had—except for rare intervals—a system of government based on our Constitution, but ``we've had a system of Congressional rule, Congressional party rule, and it was a question of a fight between two parties'' for the majority position. Now, in the wake of the Paul filibuster, ``We don't have a majority party system anymore,'' LaRouche declared. ``Glory Hallelujah! We don't have a majority party system anymore! ...
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  • Emerging Bipartisan Alliance:
    End the Imperial Presidency

    'We don't have a majority party system anymore,' was Lyndon LaRouche's response to Senator Paul's filibuster on a matter of fundamental constitutional principle. 'Glory Hallelujah!' He added that 'what Rand Paul did, in his particular action, went a long way, as of now, toward setting the end of the party system into motion. People can still have political parties, but the idea of rule by party majority, that has to come to an end.'
    • Documentation
      Excerpts from the 13-hour filibuster by Sen. Rand Paul in response to John Brennan's nomination as CIA Director; Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden's comments during the filibuster; and responses from Administration officials to Paul's requests for information.


  • U.S. Moves Toward Nuclear First Strike Capability
    An article in the U.S. Air Force's Strategic Studies Quarterly admits what Lyndon LaRouche, EIR, and the Russians have long been warning against: that U.S. strategic policy under the Obama Administration is seeking to create the capability to launch a first strike against Russia and/or China, without fear of nuclear retaliation.




  • Europe Needs a Charlemagne!
    Charlemagne's was the first modern Western government to order the construction of great infrastructure projects, building schools, monasteries, churches, and cities, and the transportation grid of canals and bridges, whose purpose was to improve the standard of living of his subjects. By Ted Andromidas.

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