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Grasping the Future!
A New System Among Nations
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

March 16, 2013—An ugly era for the United States had begun in fact, with the election of Harry S Truman as Vice-President. That is to say, that, as a candidate, Truman was clearly suited to await the early removal of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Truman did not actually invent evil; he merely wore the shoes.
In large part, the blame for this evil which Truman represented, was well suited to the schemes of Winston Churchill. For example, it had been the British empire's Churchill, who had contrived to postpone a potential Allied landing for victory in Europe for the equivalent of the greater part of a year, at the least. As for Truman himself, he was, essentially, a ``Wall Street maven.'' All leading factors for consideration taken into account, once Harry S Truman had replaced the deceased President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in office, everything which had been right about the United States, went, suddenly, shockingly wrong at an accelerating rate, and into very bad, new directions. The prompt insight stated by O.S.S.'s William Donovan, as he had left President Roosevelt's office for the last time, was soon borne out: ``It's all over!''
Sadly, for as long as the British empire has still lived on since that time, our United States had often fallen prey to ``a next U.S. President,'' each time for reasons which had been already experienced all too many times, earlier. The replacement of President Franklin Roosevelt, by Harry S Truman, had come, for me, and also many others of both our higher and lower ranks, like a fall into the torment of some Satan's pit. One lives on, despite almost everything....
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  • Grasping the Future!
    A New System Among Nations
    by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

    The death of Franklin Roosevelt, and his replacement in the White House by Churchill's patsy Truman, represented a downward paradigm-shift in the U.S., whose aftereffects are still being felt. Among those aftereffects is the continued threat of thermonuclear world war, a threat which must be ended now, with a renewed commitment to the Westphalian prinicple of peace among nations based on respect for each other's sovereignty. This demands the overcoming of the tyranny of sense-perception, and a return to Classical scientific and artistic principles.





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