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Oust Obama Now, or Face Overt Dictatorship
by Nancy Spannaus

June 8—Speaking at his regular Friday night webcast on www.larouchepac.com on June 7, Lyndon LaRouche addressed the current revelations about the ``de facto coup d'état'' which the British puppet Barack Obama has set in motion, and warned: Either the American people get Congress to move to remove Obama from office, or they face ``an actual, overt dictatorship over the American people.'' LaRouche laid out the parameters of the choice the American people face, now that the unprecedented, unconstitutional spying operation of the Obama Administration has been exposed. ``The issue is that [Obama] has been allowed to go to the point that he is seeking absolute, total dictatorship over almost everybody, and this fact has suddenly become conscious within leading circles.'' Comparing Obama to Richard Nixon, LaRouche noted, ``The time has come for that lawful process that dealt with a President earlier, and threw him out of office, back in the early 1970s—the same treatment, with probably an extra kick or two, is coming to Obama.'' He continued: ``What happened this week, of course, is the Congress has risen in revolt. And the pattern is that this spying operation that Obama has been running on behalf of the Queen of England, has brought them to the point that people are now—on that account, and several other related accounts which have been piling up—ready to throw this bum out of the Presidency. And that's where we stand now. We're on the edge. ``Is Obama going to succeed in making himself an absolute dictator ...?"
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