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What Was Actually Genius?
Nicholas of Cusa, Kepler & Shakespeare
by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

The U.S. economic crisis of August-September 1971, had been the opening of a truly revolutionary phase in my own life's experience. Since the succession of the assassinations of, first, President John F. Kennedy and, then, that of a virtual Presidential candidate, his brother, Robert, the United States had been enmired into the launching of a foolish, post-Kennedy, U.S.A. war in Indo-China.
For the greatest relevant U.S. military mind of that time, General Douglas MacArthur, the launching of that worthless war in Indo-China had been, in effect, an unforgivable act against the vital strategic interests of the United States: the walk of the United States into a British-laid, strategic trap, ``The Vietnam War.''
It had been a worthless war from its outset, a war which had set the United States, and, later, a series of wars engaging the U.S.A., among others, into what would be clearly recognizable as a so-far endless decline of trans-Atlantic riding of a slippery slope, downward, across the decades, since. So, in an echo of the Anglo-American folly of Indo-China, ``that naked criminal'' Tony Blair (as under, therefore, the Queen of England in his time), had, also, fraudulently, engineered a worse than useless, long war in Iraq (and elsewhere), since which the world has slid, more, and ever more quickly, into the present state of a plunge into a moral, cultural, and economic slide, a slide toward, now, the sudden arrival of a present brink of a virtually global, thermonuclear Hell....
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  • What Was Actually Genius?:
    Nicholas of Cusa, Kepler & Shakespeare
    by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

    The 15th-Century Golden Renaissance, in significant part, guided by the genius of Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, is the touchstone for LaRouche's latest contribution to this series, whose purpose is break mankind's slavery to sense-certainty, and to inspire us to reach to the stars, and fulfill our destiny as man in the image of the Creator, as Cusa and his followers, such as Kepler and Shakespeare, did in their time.



  • The Deadline for Reinstating Glass-Steagall Is Upon Us
    There is no way to pay the hundreds of trillions of dollars in debt that is being generated by the money economy, Lyndon LaRouche declared in his June 14 webcast. To try to do it is to kill people en masse—and that is precisely what is presently being done. Thus, there can be no delay in reinstating FDR's 1933 law.
  • 'Principle, Not Politics':
    Bipartisan Alliance Forms Against Obama's Dictatorship

    Sen. Rand Paul, joined by other Republican lawmakers and civil libertarians, announced June 13 the filing of Paul's 'Fourth Amendment Restoration Act of 2013,' 'to stop the National Security Agency from spying on citizens of the United States.'
  • Abu Zubaydeh Case Shows Fraud of NSA's Dragnet Surveillance
    The Bush-Cheney and Obama administrations have both lied about the actual source of almost all of today's terrorism, and have ignored and suppressed the evidence of Saudi sponsorship. Were this evidence pursued, there would be no need for the broad, indiscriminate surveillance in search of terrorists.


  • Financial Turbulence Signals Global Meltdown in Process
    The world financial system has entered a twilight zone of uncontrolled hyperinflation, in which no amount of monetary expansion can sustain the rate of growth of the British Empire's cancerous financial aggregates bubble. The nature of the problem can only be understood from the standpoint of Lyndon LaRouche's famous Typical Collapse Function graphic.
  • BIS Prepares Bail-In, as in the 1930s
    Former French Presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade released this editorial under the headline 'Blind Men.'
  • Economics in Brief



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