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Plentiful Food:
The Principle of Development
We continue our coverage of the June 29 Schiller Institute conference in San Francisco, ``Forum for a New Paradigm: The Second American Revolution,'' with the four speeches that follow, beginning with EIR Food and Agriculture expert Marcia Merry Baker. Immediately following are the presentations by California farm leader Frank Endres; Robert Hux of the Committee for a Republic of Canada; and Dr. Omar Pensado, a biologist from Veracruz, Mexico.

Let's begin with a snapshot of the world and national food crisis, by putting it all together on a per-person basis: the volume of grain output since the Second World War We were going upward in the volume of grain produced per-person in the world, from after the war, until about 1980-1985. We went from a miserable quarter-ton maybe, to up to maybe 720 pounds, which isn't much per person. It would fit in the back of a small pickup truck. But it was on the rise. But then it went down. From the 1980s to now, total world grains per person has gone up and down, and in net, it is going down. Apart from those in the 1930s who survived on cornmeal three times a day, you need grain too, for livestock, for meat animals—it's all going in reverse. The number of cattle in the United States is now where it was back in 1952; the same process is taking place elsewhere. Let's look at the geography of the world food situation: You know that due to what was described by Helga Zepp-LaRouche as the criminal system in the world: Who eats and who doesn't is decided by cartels, a system which was called by Pope John Paul II, 'the structures of sin.'..."
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